RNP AR Implementation

NAVBLUE provides a complete end-to-end solution, tailored for Airlines and easy to implement for the ATC

RNP AR – Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required – is a PBN navigation specification based on satellite positioning system.

How does it work?

Authorizing a navigation accuracy from 0.3NM down to 0.1NM and turns after the final approach point, the RNP AR concept offers significant operational and safety benefits, positively impacting fuel consumption and pilot workload. 

Targeted implementation of RNP AR can improve access to low visibility airports, allow improved trajectories through mountainous terrain, exploit aircraft performance at high-altitude, avoid areas of known extreme turbulence, increase capacity for independent parallel runway operations, and improve payload for departures in an obstacle-rich environment.

The end-to-end NAVBLUE solution, which ensures airlines are supported at every step of the process and all stakeholders are involved, includes the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • Support for RNP AR upgrade on the aircraft
  • Procedure design and validation, adapted to specific operational challenge:
    • RNP AR down to 0.1
    • RNP AR departures
    • RNP AR to ILS
  • Operational approval including Flight Operations Safety Assessment (FOSA)
  • Navigation database validation
  • RAIM prediction
  • Crew training, train-the-trainer approach
  • Support to regulators
  • ATC training 

As each customer is unique, NAVBLUE adapts the procedure to the aircraft type and provides a modular offer.


  1. Access difficult airports, reduce minima

    • Optimize approaches and departures in mountainous terrain, turbulent conditions and low visibility
    • Reduce risk of go-arounds, diversions and cancellations
    • Enhance situational awareness and decision-making

  2. Enhanced safety

    • Fully-guided approach: vertical and lateral
    • Automated and accurate navigation
    • Predictable and repeatable trajectories
    • Improved pilot workload

  3. Operational efficiency

    • RNP AR Departures for optimized payload and thrust
    • Fuel savings with fully managed procedures, reduced track miles and fewer level-offs
    • Enabler for EoR – “Established on RNP” or “Best equipped best served”

  4. Positive environmental impact

    • Fuel saving and reduced CO2 emissions
    • Noise footprint management

facts & figures

NAVBLUE adopts and pushes state-of-the-art procedure design criteria to allow operators to capitalize on their aircraft capability.

NAVBLUE has worked at more than 30 airports worldwide to implement and support RNP AR activities.


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