N-Ops & Crew

Operations Control & Crew Management in a single solution

N-OC designed to handle all aspects to Network Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Planning, Crew Management, and day-of-ops Crew Scheduling in a single Flight Operations system.

How does it work?

In a single solution, N-Ops & Crew empowers airlines with the ability to plan and distribute their network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules, as well as manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops crew control, crew training and qualifications, and crew mobile access.


Collaborative decision-making is enhanced with a single Gantt view of both fleet and crew routing. Additionally, a shared rules and event engine, means that all users act and respond to a single source of truth.


  1. Full Integration

    All Crew and Operations data accessible in One database / One Solution. Robust integration with N-Flight Planning and other systems (HR, EFB, Maintenance) using APIs.

  2. Powerful Automation Support

    Automate current processes related to both internal and external communications by using events to trigger pre-defined actions. Utilize the powerful Rule Engine to calculate any defined values/variables within the airline management domain.

  3. Improved Communications

    Improve communications as multiple formats can be communicated both internally and exported thereby reducing costs. Utilize the powerful N-OC API web services to extract information.

  4. Highly Configurable

    With a flexible rule engine, N-OC can be fine-tuned to meet any airlines specific operational requirements.

facts & figures

200+ New and enhanced features released in 2020 to enhance the product

30 + Airlines using N-OC globally

9 Implemented airlines in 2020


Latest news about this product

News - 14/01/2022

Spring Airlines Japan goes live with NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning and N-Ops & Crew Lite

News - 14/01/2022

Spring Airlines Japan goes live with NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning and N-Ops & Crew Lite

Spring Airlines Japan, the Japanese low-cost carrier (LCC), recently went live with NAVBLUE’s N-Flight ...

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