N-Crew Planning

# 1 Crew Planning solution in North America!

N-Crew Planning’s user-friendly interface and powerful optimization tools make it easy to plan crewmember activities while controlling costs.


  • N-Pairing Optimizer

    NAVBLUE N-Pairing Optimizer produces crew pairings covering a scheduling period of a week, month, or even a full season.
    Pairing Optimizer converts your flight schedule into individual, legal pairings, optimising productivity and cost.”

  • N-Preferential Bidding System (PBS)

    Seniority-based crew rostering system that combines manpower productivity targets with crew member work preferences. The Preferential Bidding System will assist in maximizing the satisfaction of your crew and enhance crew quality of life.

  • N-Crew Line Bidding

    N-Crew Line Bidding allows you to build highly productive lines with very little open time. The system will award pre-build bid lines in seniority order and the bidder can easily filter and sort pairings and lines while entering their preferences.


  1. Accelerate the Crew Planning process

    Run multiple concurrent staffing scenarios quickly for optimal results, taking key fatigue risk mitigation factors into account.

  2. Enhance operational efficiency

    Achieve productivity targets while increasing crew member’s quality of life. Create detailed audit reports, providing transparency for crew members

  3. Legal, unique lines of flying for crewmembers with a Reasons Report for review

    Minimize time-intensive investigations of crew questions regarding bid results via the provided Reasons Report.

  4. Scalable to meet the needs of small and large customers

    NAVBLUE Crew Planning solutions are used by the world’s largest airlines and crew populations.

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people benefiting each month from N-Crew Planning services

200+ bid types to allow flexibility for individual bidders


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