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N-RAIM service allows operators to obtain RAIM predictions for RNAV and RNP operations. For challenging airports, where RNP AR APCH approaches may be in use, along track predictions using the real mask angle to account for terrain screening. NAVBLUE is the world’s leading provider of RAIM predictions to the civil aviation community.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE uses the latest available GPS satellite constellation information available to ensure RAIM predictions are as up-to-date as possible and allows users to configure all the key parameters for the calculation including Mask Angle, Fault Detection / Fault Detection Exclusion, Selective Availability (On or Off/Aware), Baro-aiding as well as allowing all PBN navigation specification values from RNAV 10 to RNP AR APCH down to 0.1NM.

N-RAIM services comprises 3 delivery channels to best fit the operational needs of the user:

  • N-RAIM Prediction Web – a self-service web portal
  • N-RAIM Prediction Scheduled – daily RAIM prediction reports delivered by e-mail or AFTN
  • N-RAIM Prediction On-Demand – integrated with trip / flight planning


  1. Global Leaders for RAIM Prediction

    NAVBLUE is the world’s leading provider of RAIM prediction to airline operators, flight/trip planners, ANSPs and regional organisations with over 80 direct customers from over 40 countries, including the world’s largest airlines.

  2. Using the latest data

    N-RAIM Prediction monitors available GPS constellation data from the US Coast Guard to ensure that the RAIM prediction calculations performed by the customers are based on the very latest data available.

  3. Multi-channel deliveries

    Choose the method of receiving RAIM predictions that best meets your operational requirements. N-RAIM is designed to be highly flexible and configurable whilst remaining robust and highly available.

facts & figures

Currently serving the aviation community with 85,000 predictions per day

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News - 15/06/2021

NAVBLUE supports Qatar Airways to deploy PBN in Morocco

News - 15/06/2021

NAVBLUE supports Qatar Airways to deploy PBN in Morocco

NAVBLUE is pleased to announce the successful completion of a PBN implementation project in Morocco on behalf of ...

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