Enhanced Situational-Awareness and GADSS Compliant Flight-Following.

N-Tracking 2.0 meets ICAO recommendation from Nov 2015 and NOV 2018.

How does it work?

N-Tracking is a browser-based Aircraft-Situational-Display solution from NAVBLUE that empowers the dispatcher with real-time Flight Monitoring, Situational-Awareness and Enroute Communication in a single application.

Coupling ACARS, ADS-B (terrestrial and space-based), multilateration ATC feeds (SWIM etc.) and worldwide weather with highly configurable alerting, enables the user to manage-by-exception all aspects of Flight-Following.


  1. Follow and monitor your aircraft fleet worldwide

    With access to multiple sources of aircraft surveillance data and intelligent contextualization of this data, N-Tracking can meet any airlines’ specific flight monitoring requirements in the most cost-effective way. Whether it is space-based ADS-B for oceanic and remote regional coverage, or ACARS tracking to manage costs, N-Tracking can support it and still assure regulatory compliance.

  2. Compliant with Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety Systems (GADSS)

    4D tracking (latitude, longitude, altitude and time) for continuous awareness and enhanced decision-making. Automated position reporting every 15mins in normal operations and every minute in abnormal operations. All surveillance data is stored, can be played back or even exported

  3. Get the best coverage

    N-Tracking has the widest coverage and NAVBLUE has partnered with Airbus AirSense to receive Space Based ADS-B and ADS-B terrestrial data from the world best known sources: FlightAware and Aireon. Additionally, N-Tracking also ingests SWIM data from both the FAA and EuroControl as well localized RADAR feeds from Australian and New Zealand ATC.

  4. Improve your operational efficiency

    Provide a realistic view of the airspace. Help dispatchers to better manage airport congestions, delays and turn-around. Deliver airport information including NOTAMs, taxi-time and weather information. Display the traffic overview.

  5. Enhance situational awareness with worldwide weather information

    Access high resolution satellite imagery. Offer lightning detection, EDR turbulence forecasts and flight hazards forecast data from our weather partners – DTN. Offer weather information on SIGMETs, AIRMETs and PIREPs. Ability to display DTN’s RAMTAFs and third party custom TAF forecasts.

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News - 12/04/2021

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