NAVBLUE provides a global solution, economical and highly accurate.

To respond to ICAO recommendation for Nov 2015 and Nov 2018, N-Tracking has taken off.

How does it work?

N-Tracking is a web-based application with individual and administrator user views. In real-time, flights are tracked wherever they are in the world. It provides frequent flight position updates and allows proactive management of dispatch operations.


  1. Follow and monitor your aircraft fleet worldwide

    Widest coverage. Secure your remote and oceanic flights. Display planned flight. Complete your flight information in real-time. Perform a first post-flight analysis. Use our multiple map views and split screens. Highlight specific flights.

  2. Secure your flights with our event alert system

    Detect and highlight any route deviations. Customise your event alerts. Define your alert criticality level.

  3. Improve your operational efficiency

    Provide a realistic view of the airspace. Help dispatchers to better manage airport congestions, delays and turn-around. Deliver airport information including NOTAMs, taxi-time and weather information. Display the traffic overview.

  4. Enhance situational awareness with worldwide weather information

    Access high resolution satellite imagery. Offer lightning detection, EDR turbulence forecasts and flight hazards forecast data. Offer weather information on SIGMETs, AIRMETs and PIREPs. Ability to display Schneider Electric’s RAMTAFs and third party custom TAF forecasts

  5. Get the best coverage

    NAVBLUE has partnered with FlightRadar24 (FR24) to receive ADS-B data. FR24 has indeed the best coverage with its 10,000 receivers.

Latest news about this product

Company - 21/02/2018

NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops Consulting team has officially kicked-off!

Company - 21/02/2018

NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops Consulting team has officially kicked-off!

End of January 2018, the NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops Ʌ-Consulting team met for the first time in the ...

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