Airline Ops Support

NAVBLUE’s comprehensive service to deliver operational approvals

NAVBLUE helps airlines take advantage of modern navigation techniques.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE Airline Ops Support provides airlines with the support they need to ensure aircraft and crew are prepared for PBN and that the necessary approvals have been obtained from the authorities.

For RNP AR APCH approvals NAVBLUE can provide support for the Flight Operational Safety Assessment (FOSA), delivered for agreed aircraft configuration and airport procedure.

For most Airbus aircraft types, NAVBLUE can support the deployment of pre-requisite hardware and software upgrades to allow the aircraft to perform RNP AR APCH operations.

NAVBLUE can continue to support PBN operations with our N-RAIM Prediction service and Navigation Database Validation.

Navigation Database Validation is a service allowing operators to validate their navigation databases to meet ICAO PBN guidance to support RNP AR APCH and PBN operations in IMC. NAVBLUE works with the operator to create a Golden Database against which future databases can be referenced. Navigation Database Validation analyzes databases after each AIRAC cycle then delivers a report to the airline detailing discrepancies between the two: missing data, added data, changed data.


  1. Train your crew and dispatchers

    Train the key people in your organization using e-Learning, classroom courses and Full Flight Simulators.

  2. Obtain approvals without friction

    NAVBLUE’s proven methodology allows you to put together a comprehensive ops approval package for your authority tailored to your planned operations.

  3. Leverage your investment

    Get the best out of your aircraft by accessing cutting edge PBN and RNP AR capabilities.


Jorn Fugger
Senior Management Operations Efficiency, Ethiad Airways

In 2016, by flying the PBN approaches developed by NAVBLUE at Abu Dhabi airport, Ethiad has saved 328,000 kg of fuel.

Henrik Ekstrand
Ecology & Performance Manager - Flight Captain A321, Novair

We received approval to fly RNP AR into Madeira and now all of our flights there are RNP AR, it is 100% every week basically. The procedures are well received from the pilots, no reported issues at all. I’ve flown to RWY23, it worked out very well.

Captain Chenga
Chief Pilot, Bhutan Airlines

Working with NAVBLUE was extremely productive. NAVBLUE’s consultancy service went beyond their contractual requirements, they took it to another level with their proactivity and professionalism to achieve the RNP AR approval, within an extremely short time frame.

Captain Wang Huagang
VP Ops, Tibet Airlines

Linzhi is a very important tourist destination for us. Thanks to the RNP AR project with NAVBLUE, we have been able to operate scheduled flights in Lunzhi and operatred 9300 flights since July 2011.

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News - 14/01/2022

Spring Airlines Japan goes live with NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning and N-Ops & Crew Lite

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