Enhance operations, save fuel and reduce emissions

With the power of Skywise, the Airbus big data platform, NAVBLUE continuously innovates and develops analytics-driven solutions to enhance operational efficiency while contributing to sustainability.

How does it work?

Performance varies over the life of all in-service aircraft, leading to slightly higher fuel consumption levels as an aircraft ages and leading to inconsistencies with the FMS trajectory prediction.
The OPTIMIZE suite of applications powered by Skywise complements the MONITOR solution by focusing on the aircraft performance optimization for each aircraft.

The first solution of this suite is Performance Factor Optimizer (PFO) which facilitates the existing Aircraft Performance Monitoring process and reduces workload.

The second solution, IDLE Factor Optimizer (IFO), focuses on optimizing the FMS descent prediction leading to fuel and emissions savings.

All-in-one! The OPTIMIZE suite of applications shares the same user interface bringing consistent user experience, and simplifying and easing interpretation of data.

Our unique offer

  • Performance Factor Optimizer

    Performance Factor Optimizer offers a significant improvement to existing aircraft performance monitoring solutions. This web application automatically computes the corrective fuel factor representing each aircraft in its current state of performance leading to accurate fuel prediction. This factor is then ingested in the Flight Management System in the aircraft and the operator’s Flight Planning System.

    Automated from end-to-end, it allows a more continuous monitoring process, improved analytical capabilities and reduced man-hours spent on such tasks, allowing qualified resources to focus on other operational activities.

  • IDLE Factor Optimizer

    Up to now, the processing capabilities to compute an optimized IDLE factor have been limited. NAVBLUE has developed an innovative web application to calculate the IDLE Factor for individual aircraft based on data analytics processing from the continuous data stream (QAR/DAR). This web application automatically computes the optimized IDLE Factor for each aircraft representing the aircraft in its current state of performance in descent.

    IDLE Factor Optimizer continuously adjusts the Flight Management System (FMS) prediction of the descent trajectory leading to fuel and emissions savings, and improved handling qualities for pilots.

    When combined with the Airbus Descent Profile Optimization (DPO) performance database upgrade, every descent of each aircraft is optimized along the entire aircraft lifecycle. This descent efficiency solution brings savings per descent and operational benefits to fly an optimum descent profile.


  1. Save time, reduce workload

    Fully automated process with a built-in digital assistant to ease the Engineer’s operational work.

  2. Save fuel, reduce emissions

    Save fuel on each descent of each aircraft during its entire lifecycle, and consequent contribute to sustainability with reduction of emissions.

  3. A unique AIRBUS / NAVBLUE expertise

    NAVBLUE software development and flight efficiency expertise are combined with Airbus aircraft manufacturer expertise to reach the highest levels of accuracy.

  4. Powered by the Skywise platform

    A robust source for the complete data processing including data integration, data cleansing, upgrades, and backups. Benefits from big data & analytics capabilities.


Save ~90 kgs of fuel per descent for an A320ceo!

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