Optimize payloads and ensure your operations comply with all regulatory requirements.

Performance provides aircraft performance calculations to optimize take-off and landing, maximize payload, decrease fuel consumption, and minimize wear of the aircraft.


  1. Optimize your operations for every flight.

    Optimize each flight, given their own specificities to ensure maximum payload may be carried while maintaining the required safety margins.

  2. Optimize take-off and landing for your mixed fleet.

    Regardless of aircraft manufacturer, optimize take-off and landing performance according to regulations and manufacturer specifications.

  3. Unique NAVBLUE expertise

    NAVBLUE software development is combined with performance expertise to reach the highest level of accuracy.


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News - Success - 07/09/2021

FitsAir begins partnership with NAVBLUE

News - Success - 07/09/2021

FitsAir begins partnership with NAVBLUE

Toulouse, 7th September 2021 The Sri Lankan airline FitsAir recently signed a contract with NAVBLUE to use several ...

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