Quick and easy pilot access to information with the NAVBLUE Electronic Flight Bag solution

NAVBLUE Electronic Flight Bag solution provides a full suite of ground and on-board software applications

How does it work?

NAVBLUE provides its EFB solution for portable (class 1, 2) and installed (class 3) EFB hardware platforms for different Operating Systems (iOS and Windows):

• Designed for being fully integrated in the Airbus cockpit SOP
• Usable during all flight phases (Using a mounting device)
• Pilot attached or aircraft attached EFB operations
• Access to avionics parameters (With Class 2 and 3)

Included in this package

  • Performance calculation

    LoadSheet, Takeoff, Landing, InFlight applications for Airbus aircraft for optimized performance, configuration and increased flight safety

  • Ops Library Browser

    Allowing the onboard consultation of flight operations documentation published in the relevant format (e.g. airline’s manuals), including Airbus FCOM, MEL, AFM, CDL, FCTM

  • Electronic Flight Folder (eFF) - optional

    The eFF solution allows pilots to access their briefing package onboard the aircraft. It provides enhanced capabilities to ensure flight follow-up and to interactively manage electronic forms (eForms) such as journey log and air safety reports.

  • EFB administration and management ground tools

    Includes Ops Library Browser Web, Performance Administration Application (PAA) and the Ground Administration and Servicing tools (GAS) or Gateway for administrating FlySmart with Airbus EFB data and software updates.

eQRH (Electronic Quick Reference Handbook)

NAVBLUE and Airbus have demonstrated pioneering spirit once more by developing the eQRH that allows, for the first time, to choose and operate a fully paperless cockpit!

eQRH naturally integrates into Flysmart+ and can also be purchased as a separate application.

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See video


  1. Access digital operations:

    Help your airline to simplify its transition from paper-based to digital information management

  2. Optimize aircraft performance computations:

    Additional payload and engine maintenance costs reduction

  3. Improve cockpit operation efficiency:

    Reduce crew workload for pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight

  4. Customize your Electronic Flight Bag:

    Electronic Flight Bag customizable support: Full and modular Electronic Flight Bag support available through a wide range of tailored services.

facts & figures

Eliminate 5kg to 15kg of paper from your cockpit
250+ customers trust NAVBLUE’s gate-to-gate solution


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Success - 11/02/2019

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