Fuel Monitoring

Reduce the cost of your operations by identifying ways to save fuel and achieve enhanced flight efficiency.

NAVBLUE is offering a complete fuel solution by providing a winning combination of in-house expertise with the best in class fuel monitoring tool, SkyBreathe®.

How does it work?

Our expertise is fully linked with our fuel monitoring tool, SkyBreathe®, to help you implement and monitor fuel savings, track fuel consumption, measure progress and identify additional savings.

NAVBLUE expertise, gained through many years of flight operations experience, will assist your airline to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

By accompanying all relevant domains, our team can conduct an extensive analysis of your current operations to establish a new fuel solution or enhance your existing program.

Our unique package

  • NAVBLUE expertise is provided to implement SkyBreathe® in your organisation

    Ensure a successful fuel program taking into account your operational environment and constraints, routes, airports, regulatory requirements and airline policies.

  • SkyBreathe® monitoring tool

    SkyBreathe® automatically gathers all relevant data (AOC, flight plan, aircraft recorded data, ACARS, load sheets) in a single repository and provides:

    • Customized reports, analysis & queries
    • Multi level dashboarding with alerts
    • Identification of additional savings
    • Follow-up of best Practices
  • Specific pilot reporting via MyFuelCoach

    MyFuel Coach is the mobile app for pilots enabling better communication and implementation of best practices through personal fuel briefings.


  1. A unique expertise

    NAVBLUE has extensive experience with a wide range of diverse airline customers who have entrusted us to work with them to help optimise their fuel and flight efficiency strategy. We have supported them in many different areas, including measuring, monitoring and prioritizing initiatives to reduce their operational costs.

  2. Based on your airline operations and constraints

    Benefit from our efficiency recommendations based on in depth analysis of your airline’s specificities of your fuel monitoring tool. Together we can find ways to overcome your operational constraints.

  3. Highly configurable

    Fine tune your measurements by customizing SkyBreathe® dashboards and reports to your operations

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Fuel and flight efficiency programme and Flight Operations assistance – NAVBLUE Global Footprint

The view of our customer

Marco A. Charles
Manager of Software Governance - COO & Head of Fuel Efficiency Program, Volaris , Volaris

NAVBLUE helped us to step back, look at the entire picture and redesign our strategy with a new path, more aligned to our current needs, fleet size, aircraft configuration and routes.
Together with NAVBLUE, we could understand better, measure and prioritize initiatives to revamp our Fuel Efficiency Program.

Very valuable service from NAVBLUE.

December 2017

Capt. Patrick Ter Hofsteede
Air Mauritius Technical Manager, Air Mauritius

I would like to thank you for all the help during the NAVBLUE Fuel & Flight Efficiency Workshop.
I believe that every airline should go through such a workshop, even if to take stock of what they are doing concerning efficient use of fuel.

The knowledge and experience of NAVBLUE was of a great help to our team.


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Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Toulouse, France, 1st July, 2019   Silver Airways becomes first US customer for N-RAIDO Contract ...

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