Your Navigation system is just as good as the data it relies on. Get reliable Navigation data!

Navigation+ offers an accurate and comprehensive Navigation Data Base which includes all relevant aeronautical navigation data with worldwide coverage.

How does it work?

Navigation+ data can be used by many systems such as; on-board Flight Management Systems, Flight Simulators, Air Traffic Management Systems, Mission planning systems and ground positioning systems.


  1. Data that fits your needs

    Our data applies to a wide range of customers, including airlines, corporate and state aircraft, military operators, national air navigation service providers, avionics manufacturers, airspace designers and other aviation industry sectors.

  2. Accurate data, result of 30+ years of experience

    NAVBLUE was the first company in the world to produce navigation data as a regular service, and draws on one of the world’s largest and still growing aeronautical database.

  3. A fully customised delivery

    Complying with your requirements, including company route data and customer procedures, in ARINC 424 or FMS format.
    Updated at every AIRAC Cycle or based on your specific needs.

  4. In the vanguard of progress

    In close cooperation with Airbus design office, NAVBLUE endeavours to develop the NDB product to meet future innovative avionic functions.

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Your Navigation data experts:
30 years’ experience in Navigation Data Base


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News - 31/03/2021

AirAsia (India) Limited Expands Partnership with NAVBLUE

News - 31/03/2021

AirAsia (India) Limited Expands Partnership with NAVBLUE

AirAsia (India) Limited (“AirAsia India”) signed a long-term agreement with NAVBLUE, a services company wholly ...

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