We pioneer aeronautical navigation data.

How does it work?

Benefit from the NAVBLUE Navigation Database and get the most relevant aeronautical navigation information available:
• Enroute (Waypoints, Airways, Airspaces, Communications, Navaids, …)
• Airports including runway characteristics (Airports, Runways, Gates, Communications, Localizer & Glideslopes, Terminal navaids, …)
• Procedures (SID, STAR, Approach, Holding Patterns, …)
• Tailored records (Company Routes, Tailored Procedures, …)
• GridMORA

NAVBLUE works with 195 countries around the world to gather the data via various sources (Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), NOTAMs or other proprietary government documents). Our Experts receive the data from these sources, and we update, enrich, and maintain the master database that contains more than 4 million ARINC 424 records and make it available every 28-day AIRAC cycle.

Today, the NAVBLUE Navigation Database serves over 250 customers worldwide from Airlines and OEMs to any Services Providers. Our customers benefit from our navigation data for different types of use such as Flight Management Systems (FMS), Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS), simulators, ground-based software solutions, airspace modelling, Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions, weather services, drones, video games and more.

Airbus started using NAVBLUE Navigation Database on all Airbus Flight Test, Training and Delivery activities from end of 2018. Our Navigation Database is constantly evolving according to the latest applicable industry standards and to the emerging industry needs for enhanced data. NAVBLUE is working in close coordination with the Airbus Design Office to support advanced avionics functions and anticipate future needs.


  1. Coverage:

    NAVBLUE offers worldwide and regional coverage with more than 4,000 operating airports with coded procedures.

  2. Quality:

    NAVBLUE Navigation Database holds the EASA DAT type 1 certification (The EASA DAT and FAA LoA are mutually recognized), plus our navigation database production processes comply with DO-200B international standards. NAVBLUE delivers brand-new high precision GridMORA with unrivalled accuracy combined with a very high integrity level to support advanced safety functions.

  3. Customization:

    We customize NAVBLUE Navigation Database to each Customer’s specific needs and requirements (and we maintain it). We will ensure that your operational network coverage is achieved, including all required customer specific data such as company routes, tailored procedures and more.

  4. Configuration:

    The customized NAVBLUE Navigation Database is available for the airlines (FMS) and any other aeronautical Services Providers (ARINC 424 export format).

  5. Deployment:

    • Our Experts make sure all operational needs and requirements are understood and, if required, launch actions accordingly to ensure entry-into-service readiness.
    • The navigation database is delivered through a secured Web Portal ensuring the maximum allowable lead-time to ease customer system updates management.
    • For Airlines, Ground Tools are available to explore and ease the data loading into the aircraft systems.
    • We deliver on demand test databases, ferry flight databases and ad-hoc databases.

facts & figures

More than 4 million ARINC 424 records made available every 28-day AIRAC cycle

4,000 operating airports with coded procedures

250+ customers worldwide

NAVBLUE is the first Data Service Provider to support and deliver TOS 2 (Take-Off Surveillance) validation for 2,000 airports (A320 Family & A330)


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