N-Prediction ADS-B

ADS-B Availability Prediction

N-Prediction ADS-B allows operators to obtain pre-flight ADS-B availability information to support ADS-B coverage and secondary radar surveillance when required. Initially developed to meet the FAA Equip2020 mandate, the service is compatible with ADS-B prediction requirements from other states and regions.

How does it work?

ADS-B availability predictions can be obtained via 2 channels:

  • N-Prediction ADS-B Web – a self-service web portal
  • N-Prediction ADS-B On-Demand – integrated with trip / flight planning

NAVBLUE has introduced a flight plan ingestion mechanism to allow automatic reading of ARINC 633 format flight plans to reduce dispatcher workload.


  1. Global Leaders for Prediction

    NAVBLUE is the world’s leading provider of RAIM predictions to airline operators, flight/trip planners and brings the same high-level of service and dependability to N-Prediction ADS-B.

  2. Using the latest data

    N-Prediction ADS-B monitors available GPS constellation data from the US Coast Guard to ensure that the availability and integrity calculations performed by the customers are based on the very latest data available.

  3. Multi-channel deliveries

    Choose the method of receiving ADS-B predictions that best meets your operational requirements and optimise your dispatcher resources. N-Prediction ADS-B is designed to be highly flexible and configurable whilst remaining robust and highly available.

  4. Map Display

    ADS-B sufficiency results will be available via a map display of US airspace which will also show areas of potential GPS interference based on FAA GPS Interference NOTAMs.


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