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How does it work?

NAVBLUE’s Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Services are executed by Subject Matter Experts, including Engineers and TRI/TRE Pilots, to support the Airlines with a comprehensive and customized set of deliverables. These help identify hotspots, trends, and related safety issues from flight data, while also promoting operational excellence.

Deliverables can include:

  • Flight Verification and Event Validation 

All generated flights (from the flight data uploaded by the Airline onto our secured data sharing platform) are analyzed and events carefully validated. Flights with extreme deviations or unexpected event distributions are opened and all questionable events or parameters, if any, are flagged. When required, events can be invalidated and removed from the database by NAVBLUE Specialists.

  • Safety Notifications

Safety Notifications will be sent on a weekly basis. These are composed from a list of highlighted flights with significant safety/SOP deviations, as detected by our FDA software, and with events validated by our FDA Specialists. When deemed necessary, due to the criticality or significance of the occurrence, a Critical Safety Notification will be sent by email to the customer focal point to immediately notify of a given occurrence and to provide a preliminary analysis with screenshots. This allows compliance with the reporting requirements of different national authorities.

  • Statistics Reports

Once the processing and technical filtering is completed, our FDA Team launches a continuous monitoring process based on a set of safety performance indicators which allows the airline to keep track of their safety performance.

  • Access / insight to your flights 

As part of the FDA Services, you will have access to a set of tools which allow you to view and replay your flights. This allows the airline to further investigate the flights highlighted by NAVBLUE Experts.

  • Occurrence Reports

Our FDA Team will conduct an extensive operational analysis of the most significant flights (up to five every two weeks) and will produce Occurrence Reports. These reports include a factual analysis with a sequence of events, ad-hoc investigation of parameters, and operational comments/recommendations with regards to the aircraft manufacturer standards and flight manuals. When required our FDA Specialists will also provide comments and guidance for further investigations to be conducted by the airline (ex: Crew interview, further data collection, request for report, or contact with outside parties). The airline personnel, including Flight Safety Officers, can use the Safety Notifications and Occurrence Reports to investigate occurrences, in collaboration with the concerned crew, and raise safety issues.

Applicability: AIRBUS and non-AIRBUS aircraft


  1. Unique expertise

    Benefit from our exclusive engineering and TRI/TRE Pilots experience and expertise.
    Address complex items quickly and efficiently via your access to AIRBUS Experts, an experienced team with wide Safety backgrounds, for multiple aircraft types.

  2. Optimise your time!

    Outsourcing your FDA activities to NAVBLUE is a cost-effective solution to optimize your resources. You can focus in other areas of your SMS such as managing the reporting system, spend more time in developing tools and processes or on conducting safety investigations. NAVBLUE will take care of the hard/repetitive work for you, while providing unrivalled support and guidance in the analysis of your flight data.

  3. Data protection

    With the use of our secured data platforms and software, you can rest assured that confidentiality is preserved.

  4. Compliance

    Our FDA Service and deliverables are compliant with the standards of ICAO and with international regulations of multiple Civil Aviation Authorities.

  5. Standards improvement

    NAVBLUE’s Experts conduct meetings and internal reviews on a regular basis to continuously improve the service. New events, ad-hoc studies and new processes and tools are always being discussed and developed internally.

facts & figures

More than 60,000 flights analyzed per year

More than 250 Occurence Reports per year


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