#News 26/01/2021

Juneyao Airlines signs a renewal for Flysmart+ bundled with ɅDOC Web Flight Ops

Juneyao Airlines, a Chinese fast growing airline, signed a renewal for Flysmart+ iOS and also acquired ɅDOC Web Flight Ops, NAVBLUE’s documentation management solution. 

Juneyao Airlines has been using Flysmart+ since 2013 and, with the purpose of going to digital cockpit operations, decided to acquire also ɅDOC Web Flight Ops, which fully supports Flysmart+ features.

Alain ABGUILLERM, HO Fly & Navigate at NAVBLUE said: “we are happy to count a new ɅDOC Web Flight Ops customer in China, which indicates a good market appreciation of this powerful tool. ɅDOC Web Flight Ops, together with Flysmart+, will help Juneyao Airlines to further digitalize their flight operations”.

Mr. JIA Yong, Vice President of Operations, at Juneyao Air said: “Being one of the leading privately owned carriers in China, we are always preparing for the digitalization and latest aviation innovation, and have maintained a close cooperation with NAVBLUE. With the help of ɅDOC Web Flight Ops and its intergration with Flysmart+, we look forward to further digitalization and efficiency of our flight operations.”

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