Documentation suite

Tailored solutions to prepare your flight operations manuals and documents.

Flexible solutions for flight operations documentation management to minimize cost and effort while accelerating digital transition and keeping compliance with Airbus and others OEM formats.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE provides tailored solutions to prepare, as per your requirements, your flight operations manuals and documents through extensive collaboration with our recognized experts. We focus on minimizing cost and effort spent on time-consuming activities, accelerating digital transition and ensuring compliance with EFB as standard operations.

Dedicated NAVBLUE experts are available to fastidiously review your documentation management workflow, understand your company policies, regulatory requirements and challenges, and finally to propose the best tailored solution for your company, leveraging ɅDOC software and “Doc services”.

Compose your package

  • Documentation management solutions for manufacturers (OEMs) and company manuals

    A wide range of services adapted to your needs:

    • Creation, customization and revision management of all flight operations manuals:
      • Operating Manuals: Company policy, Operating Procedures, Route, Charts (supplement), Training, SMS, Dispatch, EFB, etc.
      • Multi-OEM manuals: FCOM/QRH, MEL, etc.
    • Fleet management: standardization across the fleet and multi-AOCs, new aircraft type incorporation or aircraft transfer management, STC and Engineering Order integration
    • Training management: flight operations manuals customization to comply with flight simulator configurations that differ from fleet configuration
    • Data content creation to conform with Airline policy change and Regulatory change or regulations oversight
    • Data content structure and migration into XML
    • Automatic detection and highlight of changes to streamline revision process
    • Online collaborative workflow management platform
    • Guaranteed long term compliance with manufacturer native data format
    • Multiple output formats available including PDF, Ops Library Browser, eQRH, Flysmart+
    • Management of historical data for tracking and ease of recovery
  • Documentation management for simulator

    This unique service consists in delivering, updating and customizing the Flight Operations Documents’ compliance with your Simulator in digital format for training purposes.


  1. A unique expertise

    • Assess your current processes
    • Be advised on the best way to manage your documentation
    • Get trained on XML principles
    • Benefit from easy and quick e-learning available anytime

  2. Optimise your time

    Significant (up to 90%) time savings due to the capabilities of our tools and services. All your Flight Operations Manuals and Documents can be fully handled by NAVBLUE experts.

  3. Customized for your operations

    We collaborate with your teams to perfectly deliver what you need: process, budget, timeline, organization, support…

  4. One-stop-shop

    Gain more efficiency and reduce costs due to integrated design with NAVBLUE EFB solutions.
    Reduction of interfaces in your daily operations, providing centralized and coordinated support.

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100% tailored to airline’ operations

Over 60 customers including the largest airlines in the world


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