Landing Surveillance+

Increase situational awareness for flight crew

Landing Surveillance+ is a set of monitoring and alerting functions designed to increase situational awareness during approach and landing phase.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE and Airbus introduce new functionalities over and above ROPS to further enhance safety at landing.

Derived from the Honeywell SmartLanding® technology, Landing Surveillance is composed of 3 functions:

  • Altimeter Setting Monitor: Detect erroneous barometric reference settings
  • Approach Stabilisation Monitor: Inform flight crew in case of excessive height and/or speed deviation
  • Taxiway Landing Monitor: Alert flight crew in case the aircraft is not lined up with a runway below a minimum altitude

Since April 2019, Altimeter Setting Monitor is certified on A320 Family. Both Approach Stabilisation Monitor and Taxiway Landing Monitor are planned to be certified in the next release.

Being initially certified on Honeywell EGPWS platform, Landing Surveillance is available in retrofit via an upgrade package which includes:

  • A set of relevant SBs (Service Bulletins)
  • The seller furnished equipment (the “SFE Kits”)
  • The update of technical and operational manuals of the aircraft
  • Provision of aircraft configuration control

NAVBLUE’s experts offer support to customers:

  • Training material (eLearning)
  • Ensure all airfields data are precise enough for the operations
  • Support is provided by Airbus Engineering support via TechRequest and NAVBLUE Runway safety specialists


See video
See video


  1. Benefit from a solution directly from the OEM

    Landing Surveillance is a type-certified solution fully integrated with other Airbus cockpit functionalities.

  2. Effectively guide and assist Flight Crew between

    transition altitude and 400ft

    Clear visual and aural warnings and alerts associated to simple procedure.


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