NAVBLUE Employee Spotlight: Jagoda Polinska
2023-02-27 13:56:26

NAVBLUE Employee Spotlight: Jagoda Polinska

Welcome to February ’s NAVBLUE Employee Spotlight Feature! We’ve created these stories with the goal of shining a spotlight on the pivotal role our employees play in the tech and aviation field, their journeys so far, and how NAVBLUE aims to create an innovative and inclusive workforce with their help. 

Today we are sharing the story of Jagoda Polinska, Software Test Specialist in Gdańsk, Poland. 


Fun Facts

  • She participated in a TV crossword game 📺👩‍🎓
  • She has 2 cats and one of them can do tricks: sit, high five, paw (and still learning more difficult ones)😻🏆
  • From time to time she spends time on old furniture renovation. She she finds it relaxing and very satisfying🔨🧘‍♀️




Welcome to NAVBLUE, Jagoda! Tell us a bit about your background.

Previously I was involved in testing remote management of mobile devices fleet (MDM system), insurance & financial services, and a bit of cryptographic analysis of the customer tailored solutions, so Aeronautical Engineering is a completely new chapter for me!

I also took care of a few projects as a manager but Quality Assurance has always been closest to my heart.


Can you tell me, in brief, what your role is as a Software Test Specialist entails at NAVBLUE?

I am working on a project related to N-Ops & Crew , and my main goal is to make sure that flight scheduling works as expected.

To accomplish that, I need to predict different scenarios that application’s end users may be willing to perform and check if they can be executed properly. All steps are documented so a large test base can be used for the future features and regression testing. My responsibility would also include maintaining such a test base up-to-date.


You arrived at our Gdansk office last month… How are the days of a NAVBLUE newcomer?

I felt… at home!

What I mean is that the general atmosphere in the office made the stress go away really quickly. Beside the obligatory training and paperwork, there was time and space for integration lunch and first talks with new colleagues. Moreover, all my technical and non-technical issues were addressed immediately and taken care of in a way that I really appreciate.


What has your experience been like at NAVBLUE since you joined?

Everyone here is sincerely helpful,  regardless of the location or position. Moreover, cooperation between different sites runs so smoothly, that one can easily forget the distance.


If you had to choose your favorite thing about working at NAVBLUE you’d say…

It is definitely the company maturity level, which I find highly motivating. 


Is there something that surprised you about the company?

During my first weeks I received a lot of warm, welcoming messages from many coworkers from various departments. It was so kind and I would say totally…different!


What do you think makes NAVBLUE different?

It is a positive attitude all around me. Everything is balanced, well organized and planned in advance when possible. In my opinion, it directly reflects in employees’ mood and later on in the positive spirit I felt. 


Why did you decide to apply to join us in Gdansk?

For quite a long time I have been feeling a growing need for self-development, and when I discovered Navblue was hiring, I decided to turn thoughts into action.

I’ve always found the aviation area fascinating, but I think I just had to grow into going for it. After technical interviews, on the last recruitment stage with Gdańsk office managers, I decided to ask what’s important for Navblue regarding candidate profile. I will not reveal the exact answer, but I can tell you that it completed a feeling that it was a perfect match.


As a newcomer… What do you see in the future of the company?

A spectacular growth in two dimensions. First is of course our Gdańsk office development and building up great teams. And the second is my personal progress which has already started too.


Interested in joining the NAVBLUE Team in Gdańsk?

We are hiring!