Air Premia signs up for N-Flight Planning and N-Tracking

Air PREMIA, Korea’s Hybrid Service Carrier, selected NAVBLUE’s N-Tracking and N-Flight Planning to improve the airline’s Operations Control.

N-Tracking is a browser-based Aircraft Situational Display solution from NAVBLUE that empowers the dispatcher with real-time Flight Monitoring, Situational Awareness and Enroute Communications in a single application.

N-Flight Planning will allow Air PREMIA to optimize their flight plans while reducing IT costs. This flight planning solution has a configurable alerting system that allows the user to focus on the more important tasks first. Besides, the automation of the flight planning process can be configured from start to finish to assist the user.

“Air Premia expects to have an effective operation control through NAVBLUE’s N-Tracking and N-Flight Planning. We are sure that Air Premia will increase market competitiveness based on NAVBLUE’s advanced technology and capabilities from now on.” said Air Premia’s official.

About Air PREMIA

Air PREMIA is Korea’s first Hybrid Service Carrier operation B787-9 that focuses on medium and long-haul international routes.

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