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Desktop validation of RNAV PANS-OPS procedures

RNAV Validation Tool supports Procedure Designers as they develop RNAV and RNP arrival, approach and departure procedures. Using the desktop software to validate procedures on your PC can cut down on expensive simulator time for flight validation. Originally developed as a prototype by EUROCONTROL (see HERE) and is now available to all procedure designers.

How does it work?

Procedure Designers can use RNAV Validation Tool to create, store, recall and edit procedures using the desktop tool. Validation is performed automatically against PANS-OPS procedure design and ARINC 424 coding criteria, and feedback is generated allowing users to remedy any potential issues with their procedure.


  1. Eliminate errors before going into the simulator

    By using the tool to address problems with the with the procedure design criteria and coding rules using the tool, you can optimize your flight validation time in the simulator.

  2. Flyability checks

    With a range of configurable aircraft types, generic performance models and standard ICAO METEO data, you can get a sense of how an aircraft will behave during the operation.

  3. Procedure Evaluation

    Use the tool to sketch out ideas for your procedures and visualize them on 3D terrain prior to going to full-scale procedure design.

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News - Success - 07/09/2021

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