20 years of research: the result of exact airport modelling

ELISE - Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment - is innovative and advanced ILS (Instrument Landing System) simulation software for the modeling of ILS signals received by an aircraft during approach, with an accurate and reliable prediction of interference caused by obstacles on the ground such as aircraft, cranes or buildings.


ELISE models the airport environment and objects (aircraft, buildings, cranes, etc.) in 3D with high resolution.

Resolution of ILS signal propagation equations uses exact methods like Method of Moments to perfectly simulate the ILS shape within the modeled environment.


  1. Optimize Runway Occupancy Time (ROT)

    Reducing ILS protection areas with precision modelling allows for shorter ROTs. Provides the optimization of the location of CAT II/III holding points and therefore reduces ROT whilst maintaining existing safety levels.

  2. Increase Runway throughput in Low Visibility Conditions

    The ELISE exact simulation model enables airport operators to significantly reduce the spacing between aircraft in the arrival sequence depending on their type.

  3. Open new possibilities for airport development and buildings

    ELISE allows construction in areas previously designated as unavailable due to potential interference as well as stealthy solutions to reduce interference of existing buildings.


Zurich International Airport increased traffic capacity in LVP from 24 to 28 arrivals an hour (+17%) via ELISE


Jann Döbelin
Head of Flight Operations Engineering, Zurich Airport

Thanks to ELISEby NAVBLUE and to a close collaboration with Skyguide and the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, we are very proud to announce that Zurich International Airport is a pioneer in applying state of the art technology to reduce holdings and airborne delays in low visibility conditions.

Zurich International Airport is just the beginning; soon more airports will also be able to embrace the environmental and financial benefits of this technology.

Siegfrid Ladenbauer
Head of Tower/Approach, Skyguide

Zurich airport is prone to low visibility conditions during the winter season, imposing unfavorable restrictions to traffic throughput. We are very pleased that by combining cutting-edge technology with advanced operational concepts, we were able to mitigate the meteorological impact on flight punctuality.


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