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Charts+ is a ready-to-use set of aeronautical charts (IFR terminal and enroute) which provides comprehensive navigation information to your pilots, coupled with an electronic document viewer with the ability to support company airport pages.

How does it work?

Charts+ is available on multiple Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) platforms as well as paper chart format. This solution is based on information published by state Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) services.

Included in this package

  • Terminal charts

    Designed for IFR operation, these charts include Aerodrome, Taxi, Area, Radar, SID or Departure, STAR or Arrival, Instrument Approach, MSA or Terrain depiction, and partially or fully-tailored terminal charts.

  • Enroute charts

    Designed for IFR enroute navigation with the information presented kept to a minimum in relation with the function of the charts, these charts include partially or fully-tailored enroute charts, plotting charts, and ETOPS charts.

  • Text chapters

    Additional regional and worldwide information designed for briefing and planning purposes are presented in these Text chapters.

  • Supplements

    The NAVBLUE Maps Guide & Supplements is designed for IFR pilots who require up-to-date planning and supplemental information. The Supplements contain aeronautical information, such as rules and regulations, abbreviations, conversions, aerodrome directories, air traffic control procedures, as well as communications, emergency, and meteorology information. The information is structured into global, regional and national chapters, and is available for four geographical regions: Europe & ME, Asia, Australasia & Pacific, Western hemisphere and Africa.


  1. Intuitive and proven charting standard

    Quick and easy access to information in the flight deck.

  2. Charts tailored to your needs

    Charts+ is a tailored service designed to fit your operational requirements. It provides relevant and customized content in all operational contexts, from departure to destination and alternate.

  3. Information Manager to administrate as you need

    SaaS-based administration tool for Charts+ application. Enables adding your company documents in the right context to your charting product. Ensures the right content and functionalities for getting what you need for your operational context. Ensures your pilots have the latest navigation information and electronic manuals, and the latest app for seamless operations.

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News - Success - 07/09/2021

FitsAir begins partnership with NAVBLUE

News - Success - 07/09/2021

FitsAir begins partnership with NAVBLUE

Toulouse, 7th September 2021 The Sri Lankan airline FitsAir recently signed a contract with NAVBLUE to use several ...

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