#Success 21/06/2017

NAVBLUE partners with Flightradar24 to launch N-tracking and Airbus digital eco-system is initiated

Following two years of successful collaboration, NAVBLUE strengthen its partnership with Flightradar24, the flight tracking company, to commercialize a new solution called N-Tracking. This solution will display real time aircraft positional information data to track every aircraft, anywhere, relying on ground ADS-B receivers, and provide alerts in case of critical aircraft operations.

The partnership agreement will enable N-Tracking operators to follow and monitor their aircraft fleet worldwide while enjoying the widest coverage with ADS-B out coming from Flightradar24 and secure remote and oceanic flights with ACARS solution. The solution is coupled with an event alert system that detects and highlights any route deviations from your initial flight plan in line with ICAO recommendations. In addition a Collaborative Decision Making Information system provides updates in real-time thanks to Flightradar24 and ACARS messages. It allows dispatchers to better manage airport congestions, delays and turn-around.

NAVBLUE offerings and the overall industry will benefit in the near future from the Airbus collaboration with Spire and Flightradar24. This collaboration aims at creating a surveillance digital eco-system fusing space and ground data to provide global, near real time, data to track every aircraft, anywhere, anytime.

Evert Dudok
Airbus Defence and Space

With the upcoming ICAO mandates from 2018 onwards leading to full Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) capability by 2021 and the increasing demand for aircraft situational awareness, Airbus ambition is to enable a consistent global real-time visibility of every aircraft anywhere around the globe, thus making the skies better, air transportation more efficient and greener, enhancing safety and enabling improved passenger experience.

Mike Hulley
President and CEO, NAVBLUE an AIRBUS company

At an increasing pace, airlines around the world, are looking for more and more comprehensive digital services solutions that is at the heart of our partnership enriched by Airbus Defence and Space, Flightradar24 , and Spire.

About NAVBLUE, an AIRBUS Company

NAVBLUE is the new generation of digital, user-friendly Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions, serving more than 400 airlines and aviation service companies across all platforms. With access to Airbus’ resources and data, NAVBLUE provides its customers with the best solutions based on the best data, fully supporting them in their digital transformation. To learn more about NAVBLUE, please visit: www.navblue.aero

About Flightradar24

Flightradar24 tracks positions of aircraft in real-time and turns that data into engaging consumer and business applications. The data comes primarily from a proprietary, crowd-sourced network of 12,000+ so-called ADS-B receivers hosted by private individuals and companies all over the world and tracks over 150,000+ flights per day. This network of ADS-B receivers is the largest in the world.

About Spire

Spire Global, Inc. is a space-based data company and leading player in the nanosatellite sector. They’ve built the world’s most advanced, constantly refreshed constellation of data gathering satellites. In an industry that is used to measuring development periods in years, Spire has accelerated timelines to a period of just weeks. Spire’s solutions offer organizations insights into aircraft tracking, weather & climate, shipping & supply chain and maritime domain awareness. Spire also offers companies the ability to launch new sensors in a matter of months as a hosted payload through their
Space as a Service™ product. This network of nanosatellites gathers data on the complete Earth, including the ¾ of the planet inaccessible to most current systems which rely largely on land-based remote sensing. To learn more, visit:


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