#Events#News 15/10/2020

NAVBLUE organizes a training course to learn about runway excursions risk assessment

1 – What will you learn?

In the world of commercial jets, it is well known that runway excursions are usually identified as the top cause of aircraft hull losses.

3-day training course consists in learning from our Experts about a methodology to conduct a risk assessment on runway excursions:

    • Elementary concepts of risk assessment 
    • Progress from theory to practice with case studies
    • Increase your practical knowledge by learning a new methodology

More than a training course, this format will allow dynamic exchanges to support you in your efforts to put in place effective mitigation means to known and emerging safety threats.

2 – Who can participate?

This training course is aimed at aviation professionals who want to understand safety management and how they can contribute to their safety organisation. It is applicable to:

    • Safety Managers and Risk Managers
    • Safety Analysts, Safety Specialists and Flight Data Analysts
    • Civil Aviation Authority Auditors and other Safety Auditors

3 – Training course details

Format: Group discussions, PowerPoint presentation, practical exercises

Level: Develop fundamental understanding, competency and knowledge

Course size: 5 up to 15 persons

For more information, please contact: flightops.training@navblue.aero


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