#News#Success 25/11/2020

NAVBLUE and SARSYS-ASFT sign RunwaySense Reseller Agreement

Toulouse, France, 25 November 2020


NAVBLUE and SARSYS-ASFT have signed a reseller agreement for the provision of NAVBLUE’s RunwaySense runway condition reporting data via SARSYS-ASFT’s MIDAS visualisation platform for use by airport operators.

This reseller agreement allows airport operators to access highly accurate runway condition data obtained from NAVBLUE’s RunwaySense braking action identification solution, via the SARSYS-ASFT MIDAS visualisation platform which shall integrate the data and present it with other key runway condition information. The integration is on-going and the integrated solution will be operationally available at 15-01-2021.

RunwaySense uses the aircraft as a sensor to identify the braking action, based on Airbus aircraft Performance models, against the FAA’s Take-off and Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM). The data generated is compliant with the mandatory ICAO Global Reporting Format (GRF), due to come into effect in November 2021.

Today, 20 airlines in all continents committed to contribute to RunwaySense, representing close to 1,000 aircraft.

RunwaySense is a web-based solution where airspace users share runway condition reports in real-time to better understand how the runway condition is trending, and to allow the airport to anticipate and mitigate slippery conditions.

MIDAS is a Collaborative Runway Assessment Platform for processing vast amounts and various types of data input. Through MIDAS data can be viewed, and complete runway assessments can be performed. Collected data is visualized and can be monitored in different views such as graphs, tables and maps. 

We are excited about this cooperation as it will add great value to our customers, Airport Operators around the world, and it is also a cooperation that is well in tune with our mission as it will make transportation safer ,” says Fredrik Graflind, CEO of SARSYS-ASFT.

Integrating the innovative RunwaySense collaborative platform with SARSYS-ASFT’s MIDAS is the optimum solution for airport operators and their runway management teams,” says Patrick Hagelauer, Vice President Strategy & Innovation and France Managing Director at NAVBLUE SAS. “The RunwaySense data allows users to have high confidence in the accuracy of the runway condition reporting.



SARSYS-ASFT AB is one of the leading companies in the world in developing and manufacturing equipment for aviation safety. The customer segments are airlines, state and privately owned airports, major private companies and the military in different countries. The business is global and about 90 percent of sales are exported. The parent company is listed on Nordic SME since March 2, 2017. The group also includes the subsidiaries ASFT Industries AB and ASFT Inc, USA. More information is available at www.sarsys-asft.com and www.ngm.se


About NAVBLUE: NAVBLUE is an Airbus Services company, wholly owned by Airbus, and dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management Solutions.  NAVBLUE provides digital solutions and services, and supports both civil and military environments, on the ground and onboard any aircraft and offers expertise in a range of areas, including digital cockpit operations, Operations Control Centre (OCC) systems, Flight Ops Engineering, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Air Traffic Management (ATM). NAVBLUE employs 550 employees spread across the world, with offices in Canada, France, Sweden, Thailand, UK and US and representatives in several other countries across the globe.  

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