#Success 01/06/2017

NAVBLUE and Hawaiian Airlines Expand Partnership with Award-Winning N-Flight Planning

NAVBLUE and Hawaiian Airlines have partnered to implement the award-winning N-Flight Planning system to route aircraft throughout the carrier’s growing domestic and international network of flights. The new system further enhances Hawaiian’s flight planning operations with cutting-edge technology that calculates the safest and most efficient routes with greater accuracy.

The NAVBLUE N-Flight Planning’s robust software incorporates a wide array of information – including weather and GPS data coverage validation, notices issued by meteorological agencies and aviation authorities, and high resolution upper air wind forecasts – to automatically build routes that help dispatchers and pilots avoid hazards such as turbulence and icing, reducing flight time and conserving fuel.

“Our investment in NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning will help us continue to offer our guests the most enjoyable flight experience to the Hawaiian Islands, and maintain our industry-leading punctuality record,” said Steven Cunningham, Hawaiian’s director of flight dispatch.

“At an increasing pace, airlines around the world, such as Hawaiian, are standardizing on NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning as their preferred solution to bring greater comfort and safety to their passengers and efficiencies to their operations. In 10 months, both organizations collaborated closely to complete a very complex project, on time and under budget- a statement to the depth of commitment by both organizations to this growing partnership,” said Shawn Mechelke, VP N-Software Services at NAVBLUE.

NAVBLUE will seamlessly integrate NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning will be utilized to generate flight plans for Hawaiian’s fleet of 18 A321neo aircraft scheduled to be delivered between the fourth quarter of 2017 and 2020. The medium-haul, single-aisle A321neo aircraft will usher in Hawaiian’s next growth era when they enter the carrier’s Western U.S. network. The A321neos will complement Hawaiian’s fleet of long-haul, twin-aisle aircraft used for flying between Hawaii and the U.S. Mainland and 11 international destinations, and its narrow-body Boeing 717 fleet flying short, interisland routes.

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