#Company 21/02/2018

NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops Consulting team has officially kicked-off!

End of January 2018, the NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops Ʌ-Consulting team met for the first time in the NAVBLUE French Offices based in Toulouse, France. The team encompassed Experts Flight Ops Engineers and Experts Pilots, capitalising an amazing 150k+ flight hours and 200+ years of experience. Expertise does not only cover Airbus aircraft but also Boeing and even Concorde.

During the two days, this Ʌ-Consulting team worked hard to review existing projects to even more enhance value for NAVBLUE Flight Operations Maturity Assessment and tailored innovative consultancy solutions.

One of the values in NAVBLUE is ‘‘Putting the user at the centre”. With such premium expertise, we ensure that we get as close as possible to the end-user needs, developing simple, easy to use solutions or consulting services matching the Airline’s business lifecycle from start-up, growth to maturity. The team has just kicked off and we already expect that it will grow by 50% in 2018!”, says Christophe Lemozit, Head of NAVBLUE Ʌirline Flight Ops solution.

1: Captain Christophe Houry, Boeing 777,787 TRI-TRE, Flight Safety Expert
2: Mathieu Terrisson, Navblue Flight Ops Expert
3: Captain Patrick Guilleron, Airbus Flight test pilot, Airbus TRI-TRE
4: Captain Marc Labrucherie, Flight Safety Expert
5: Emmanuel Lacombe, Flight Ops Expert
6: Captain Bruno Constantin, Airbus TRI-TRE
7: Madan Virdee, Navblue Flight Ops Expert
8: Julien Plé, Navblue Flight Ops Expert
9: Captain Paul Dubois, Airbus Flight safety Expert
10: Christophe Lemozit, HO Navblue Ʌirline Flight Ops Solution
11: Caroline Stemart, Navblue Flight Ops Expert
12: Captain Pascal Midy, Captain Beluga, Flight safety Expert
13: Captain Xavier Pépin, Airbus TRI-TRE
14 : Captain Xavier Durepaire, Airbus TRI-TRE, Navblue Flight Ops Solution Pilot Expert
15 : Captain Olivier Aspe, Airbus TRI-TRE
16 : Daniel Chiesa, Airbus Flight Ops Expert
17: Captain Jean-Louis Chatelain, Flight Safety Expert
18: Guy Morel, Airbus Flight Ops Expert
By Webex
Captain Jean-Pierre Bordeux, Flight Safety Expert
Captain Gilbert Savary, Airbus TRI-TRE
Captain Brian Boucher, Airbus TRI-TRE


NAVBLUE is an aviation services company, wholly owned by Airbus, dedicated to Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management Solutions. Through digital & collaborative innovation, our passionate and customer-focused team develops solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of air transport. Fuelled by the agility of Airbus ProSky and Navtech, and the pioneering spirit of Airbus, NAVBLUE was created in July 2016 with one mission: Lead aviation into the digital age. www.navblue.aero

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