MNG Airlines becomes a new customer for N-Flight Planning
2022-05-23 07:49:16

MNG Airlines becomes a new customer for N-Flight Planning

France, Toulouse, May 23rd

MNG Airlines, which holds a significant share of the air cargo sector in Turkey, has just signed with NAVBLUE to implement N-Flight Planning (N-FP) on its all-Airbus fleet of 9 aircraft.

MNG Airlines will benefit from a more compliant Flight Planning solution, including ETOPS (extended Range Twin Operations approval), management-by-exception solution, event-driven automation and added flexibility  in terms of integrations.

NAVBLUE’s N-FP responds perfectly to cargo airlines needs thanks to the ETOPS and Escape Routes functionality and is flexible in terms of integration.

MNG Airlines is based in Istanbul Airport, Turkey, and operates scheduled and charter services within the Middle East, Far East, Africa, United States, and European destinations. In addition to its scheduled flight network, MNG Airlines makes a valuable difference in air cargo industry by offering tailor-made services which include flight, cargo & ground handling, and also warehouse services.

N-FP’s management-by-exception & automation will enable MNG Airlines flight plan computation to be more lean and efficient in any selected city pair. Now, MNG Airlines aims to highlight Turkey in the air cargo market and expand its service and flight network with its experience.

At MNG Airlines, we were looking for an enhanced and fully EFF capable Flight Planning solution and are well aware that the NAVBLUE N-FP system has all features we need“, said Altug Argun, Flight Operations Control Manager & EFB Administrator at MNG Airlines.