EASA certifies new Altimeter Setting Monitor function on A320 Family, as part of Landing Surveillance suite

Toulouse, 17/04/2019

  • Airbus and NAVBLUE introduce new functionalities over and above ROPS alerting, to further develop its comprehensive runway safety solution to enhance safety at landing for passengers and crew.
  • The first function of this Landing Surveillance suite, Altimeter Setting Monitor, receives its Type Certification

NAVBLUE in partnership with, Airbus, Honeywell Aerospace and Lufthansa Group achieve the integration and certification of selected functionalities of Honeywell SmartLanding® over and above ROPS (Runway Overrun Prevention System). Landing Surveillance is derived from the Honeywell SmartLanding® technology and is a set of monitoring and alerting functions designed to increase flight crew situational awareness during approach and landing.

Landing Surveillance is composed of 3 functions: Altimeter Setting Monitor, Approach Stabilisation Monitor, and Taxiway Landing Monitor.

Altimeter Setting Monitor is now certified and available on A320 Family. The Altimeter Setting Monitor can detect barometric reference setting entry errors and starts monitoring at Transition Altitude. Based on real-time conditions, the Altimeter Setting Monitor cross-checks the GPS altitude versus the barometric corrected altitude. This function issues an advisory alert to the crew in case a barometric reference setting error is detected.

The Approach Stabilisation Monitor and Taxiway Landing Monitor are planned to be certified in the next release.

Approach Stabilisation Monitor will take the aircraft performance into account to issue an advisory alert in the case of excessive height and/or speed deviations. Taxiway Landing Monitor will actively monitor the aircraft trajectory and alert flight crew if the aircraft is not lined up with a runway below a minimum altitude.

ROPS is a performance-based alerting system developed by Airbus to guide and assist the flight crew in the go-around decision-making process and in the timely application of deceleration means on-ground. ROPS is certified by all leading authorities, available and in service on the Airbus A320, A330, A350 and A380 aircraft families.

“We are delighted to introduce the first part of the Landing Surveillance trio, which will offer our customers an additional innovative product to complement ROPS, which has already performed over 3+ million safe landings and is trusted by over 90 operators worldwide”. concludes Pierre Madrange Vice President, On-board+ NAVBLUE.


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