An active safety net for runway overruns

ROPS+ is an avionic alerting system designed to prevent runway overrun on landing. ROPS+ is certified by all leading authorities.

How does it work?

ROPS+ continuously monitors the aircraft’s position with respect to the remaining runway length and calculates whether the aircraft can safely come to a stop. ROPS+ alerts are designed to effectively guide and assist the crew in the go-around decision-making process or, when on ground, the timely application of deceleration means.

ROPS+ key features:

  • Automatically detects the landing runway and updates in case of late change of runway
  • Continuously monitors the aircraft speed and height during the landing phase
  • Updates the calculation of stopping distance 8 times per second based on real-time conditions
  • In-Air – generates alerts to warn the flight crew of overrun risk and aid in go-around decision
  • On-Ground – if overrun risk exists, generates alerts to solicit flight crew to use all available deceleration means

First EASA type certified in 2009, ROPS+ is available and in service on the Airbus A320, A330, A350 and A380 aircraft families.

ROPS+ is available in linefit and in retrofit via a retrofit package:

  • A set of relevant SBs (Service Bulletins); and
  • The seller furnished equipment (the “SFE Kits”); and
  • The update of technical and operational manuals of the aircraft; and
  • Provision of aircraft configuration control

Our support to customer:

  • Training material (eLearning) and Ops Briefing Package
  • Ensure all airfields data are precise enough for the operations
  • Access to a dedicated hull cover
  • Support is provided by Airbus Engineering Support via TechRequest and NAVBLUE Runway Safety Specialists


See video
See video


  1. Performance-based calculation

    Based on the Airbus certified performance model, the stopping distance is tailored to each aircraft type and the current conditions ensuring consistency with Airbus In-Flight Landing Distances.

  2. Real-Time calculation

    ROPS+ real-time calculations instantly take into account the effect of cumulative deviations in speed, height, tailwind & flare.

  3. A proven technology

    Analysis has shown that if ROPS+ was onboard, several past runway overruns would have been avoided saving millions of dollars in costs.

  4. Clear and directive alert

    Clear, unambiguous visual and aural alerts with simple procedures.

facts & figures

3+ million landings with ROPS+

1,500+ aircraft equipped with ROPS+

90+ operators trust ROPS+

Compliant with proposed EASA ROAAS rulemaking, NPA 2018-12


Tony Tyler
Former CEO, IATA

ROPS+ is a terrific advance in safety management. There is a great deal of interest in making this one of the standard features of the industry.


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