Airline Management System

RAIDO : Rule-based, Automated, Integrated, Dynamic, Optimized.

How does it work?

N-RAIDO is the Aviation Management System that covers all aspects of the aircraft and crew management process and handles the end-to-end planning and operations stages using one fully integrated platform / database – putting you in complete control of all strategic, financial and operational business processes.

Included in this package

  • Aircraft Scheduling

    With RAIDO’s powerful business logic tools, you will be able to automatically optimize your route network, considering factors such as maintenance, expected passenger demands, minimum connection time and much more.  This enables quick adjustment to changing market conditions.

  • Operations Control

    RAIDO offers effective decision support tools, enabling you to continuously monitor and react to operational developments in real-time.  Utilizing the event driven logic, customized messaging and reports can be created and delivered for each kind of operational event automatically.

  • Crew Planning

    RAIDO caters to all types of airline business models, from national to low cost carriers, enabling airlines to efficiently manage operations and crew resources in both the long and short term.  The robust rule engine offers sophisticated and flexible system alerts helping the user to keep track of: crew duty/rest, training, vacation, medical checks, passport expiry, etc.

  • Daily Crewing

    RAIDO provides decision support tools enabling you to easily react to disruptions due to irregular operations and short notice schedule changes.  Using the “Search Crew Candidate” replacement crew is found during disruptions.  Notifications, roster information and trip trading is all in the FIRE access point enhancing crew transparency and communication.


  1. Full Integration

    All Crew and Operations data accessible in One database / One Solution. Robust integration with N-FP and other systems (HR, EFB, Maintenance).

  2. Powerful Automation Support

    Automate current processes related to both internal and external communication by using events to trigger pre-defined actions. Utilize the powerful Rule Engine to calculate any defined values / variables within the airline management domain.

  3. Improved Communications

    Improve communications as multiple formats can be communicated both internal and exported thereby reducing costs. Utilize the powerful RAIDO API web-services to extract information.

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Latest news about this product

Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Toulouse, France, 1st July, 2019   Silver Airways becomes first US customer for N-RAIDO Contract ...

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