Optimize payloads and ensure your operation complies with all regulatory requirements for engine-out procedures.

N-Performance provides aircraft performance calculations to optimize take-off and landing, maximize payload, decrease fuel consumption, and minimize wear and tear on the aircraft.

Included in this package

  • TODC (Take Off/Landing Data Calculation)

    Optimize your operations compared to the exact maximum take-off and landing weights, calculated upon the real conditions of each specific flight (Mixed fleet).

  • ɅODB (Airport Obstacle Database)

    Keeping safety at the forefront, payload is maximized by providing the most accurate, up to date runway and obstacle data, including engine failure procedures.  All Engine failure procedures are created to comply with both regulatory and company requirements.


  1. Optimize your operation for every flight

    N-Performance allows you to optimize each flight, given their own specificity to ensure maximum payload may be carried while maintaining required safety margins.

  2. Optimize take-off and landing for your mixed fleet

    Regardless of aircraft manufacturer, N-Performance optimizes take-off and landing performance according to regulations and manufacturer specifications.

  3. Deploy one single tool for all your staff

    One program with adaptable interfaces that permits multiple airline functions (e.g. dispatch, pilot, engineers) to perform performance calculations specific to their job function.


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News - 15/06/2021

NAVBLUE supports Qatar Airways to deploy PBN in Morocco

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