N-Ops & Crew (formerly N-RAIDO)

Operations Control & Crew Management in a single solution

N-OC designed to handle all aspects to Network Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Planning, Crew Management, and day-of-ops Crew Scheduling in a single Flight Operations system.

How does it work?

In a single solution, N-Ops & Crew empowers airlines with the ability to plan and distribute their network schedules, maintain full operations control with configurable operating rules, as well as manage and optimize crew schedule planning, day-of-ops crew control, crew training  and qualifications, and crew mobile access.


Collaborative decision-making is enhanced with a single Gantt view of both fleet and crew routing. Additionally, a shared rules-and event-engine as well as single database means that all users act and respond to a single source of truth.

Included in this package

  • Network Scheduling

    With N-OC airlines can easily build and maintain their route network. N-OC has a flexible rules engine, tailored to display warnings for any airline defined violations. For example: rules can be added to avoid a specific aircraft operating to a pre-defined station(s). SSIM export, including onward references and code share flights, is also available. N-OC can optimize the timetable and rotate the flights onto the aircraft fleet based on LIFO or FIFO preferences or using the Tail Optimizers. N-OC also supports “ghost aircraft” for flights not yet assigned to a specific aircraft tail.

  • Operations Control

    N-OC allows the user to manage and monitor flights in real time, receiving updates from upstream systems and triggering messages and updating flight information to downstream systems. The system continuously validates crew legalities and provides warnings on missing data and station conflicts etc. With the built-in rules-engine, airlines can configure operating rules on all data attributes available in N-OC providing for a true manage by exception workflow. The intuitive Gantt allows the user to quickly find and filter on data according to the given parameters. Flight and aircraft violations are presented to the user with different colors and icons depending on categories and severity levels, additionally Gantt is highly customizable.

  • Crew Management

    N-OC provides a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of crew management as well as mobile access for crew members to view their schedules and pay, trip-trade, as well as receive alerts and notifications from crew scheduling. N-OC can handle crew schedule planning or ingest pairings and routings from standalone crew planning systems, and then handle all crew rostering internally. The rules engine has a flexible Crew Training Document Management system where a user can define different types of crew documents, heads-up times as well as grace-periods and prolong times. Crew Documents can be either manually updated or semi-automatic using the HR Wizard that scans the system for training activities in crew schedules which are set to update and prolong one or several Crew Expiry Documents. N-OC allows the user to manage training facilities, training sessions, training patterns as well as a Training Wizard which can be used to match students and instructors with training sessions.


    The Crew Gantt in N-OC provides the user with an intuitive overview of the crew members and their duties. As N-OC utilizes a single database with a common rule engine, any update for a flight leg will instantly update assigned crew members and trigger automatic legality calculations, which gives the user a real-time monitoring with the ability to be pro-active for future issues.


  1. Full Integration

    All Crew and Operations data accessible in One database / One Solution. Robust integration with N-FP and other systems (HR, EFB, Maintenance).

  2. Powerful Automation Support

    Automate current processes related to both internal and external communication by using events to trigger pre-defined actions. Utilize the powerful Rule Engine to calculate any defined values / variables within the airline management domain.

  3. Improved Communications

    Improve communications as multiple formats can be communicated both internal and exported thereby reducing costs. Utilize the powerful N-OC API web-services to extract information.

  4. Highly Configurable

    With a flexible rules-engine, N-OC can be fine tuned to meet any airlines specific operational requirements.


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