Ready to enter the era of Electronic Flight Assistant?

Mission+, the next evolution of NAVBLUE’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that integrates the necessary data and information under the same platform to assist in the full mission of the pilot.

How does it work?

Mission+ is NAVBLUE’s brand new Electronic Flight Assistant which gathers all information pilots need in one single application on a globe-centric display. It includes electronic navigation charts, mission management and weather depiction on the globe. This mission centric solution optimizes the pilot’s journey from preparation to closure of a flight.

Included in this package

  • Mission+ FLIGHT – fleet agnostic

    The integrated electronic flight folder module for mission management providing briefing packages, flight follow-up and reporting capabilities to pilots, such as:

    • Operational Flight Plan (OFP)
    • Filtered NOTAMs and weather information
    • Last minute change handling functionalities
    • Flight follow up (fuel and weight)
    • En-route alternate management and secondary flight plans
    • e-reporting (OOOI, air safety report…)

    It also includes a ground tool which manages the workflow between OCC systems and the application in the flight deck which covers all mission data required for a flight, including archiving of any reporting.

  • Mission+ MAPS – fleet agnostic

    This charting module contains all the NAVBLUE aeronautical data for Enroute, Terminal charts and Supplement information. It includes terrain display and an Airport Moving Map (AMM) which is seamlessly integrated into the Enroute map enhancing situational awareness. The FOMAX connection can be activated to retrieve the aircraft own-ship position using the Aircraft Interface Device (AID).

  • Weather option – fleet agnostic

    Graphical weather data can be displayed on the Enroute Map with different layers that can be activated and deactivated by the pilot. The available weather data is composed of the following items: TAF/METAR, wind, SIGMET, turbulence, icing, thunderstorms

  • Interface with Flysmart+ for aircraft performance calculations – Airbus only

    This interface allows the automatic entry of aircraft and flight data related to the context of the mission like flight number, city pair, fuel load information, etc. It also provides the possibility to consult the eQRH and other operational documentation.


  1. Enhanced pilot situational awareness

    Highlight important information in each situation when required

  2. Increased efficiency

    Reduce manual entries and risk of errors

  3. Seamless workflow between OCC and flight deck

    Using one common point of reference, the mission data flow is clearly displayed and easy to follow

  4. High level of customization

    To fit the individual needs of each airline

The new pilot experience starts now

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30+ Years of experience in charting

10+ Years of experience for paperless flight deck operations


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