Flight Data Analysis suite

Monitor Safety related events, raising your Safety standards!

NAVBLUE offers you the best solution for your Flight Data Analysis (FDA) management: in-house or outsourcing solution, and tailored trainings leveraging safety management skills in your organization.

How does it work?

Our solution compatible for Airbus and non-Airbus fleet improves the airlines monitoring process allowing to have standardised deviations. The quality of the detections and risk assessment facilitates the airlines decision-making process dedicated to improve training procedures and/or Standard Operating Procedures. It allows airlines to work on trends based on a large number of minor deviations rather than work with incidents.

The trend analysis will allow developing accurate recommendations leading to:

  • Respect of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Proactive safety
  • Mixed fleet monitoring
  • Recurrent training optimisation

Compose your package

  • ɅirFASE, your Flight Data Analysis software

    ɅirFASE is a key element of the Safety Management System. It is an advanced monitoring software tool for analyzing flight operations and detecting deviations and trends. It is composed of four different modules:

    • Flight Analysis and Reporting

    A powerful statistical tool that allows operators to identify areas of operational risks and precursors to unsafe Flight Operations. Other possibilities include establishing trends for continuous assessment and monitoring risks as well as tracking the appropriate remedial actions.

    • Flight Animation

    ɅirFASE includes advanced flight visualization tools in order to allow easier understanding of events:

    Options include and not limited to viewing the flight path in its geographical context, replaying flights in real time, reviewing events of interest in a “second by second” sequence, flagging deviations and exceedances, examination of the flare and its components, visual on all views synchronously…

    • Airport Vizualization

    ɅirFASE provides the ability to display a set of flights in 2D and stack them over navigational charts for advanced investigative purposes.

    • List and Trace

    ɅirFASE has a host of tools for locating and examining flight measurements recorded onboard the Aircraft.

  • Flight Data Analysis management outsourcing solution

    Benefit from a remote service to process & analyse flight data on your behalf. It is easy, quick & give you an accurate view of your safety occurrences and risk precursors to launch appropriate corrective actions. The below options are offered to you:

    • Safety notification with main deviation from standard procedures such as hard landing
    • Statistics Report with bad trends which are the identification of risk exposure
    • Flight-Replay files and ?irFASE viewer with flight replay to analyse it with the crew and conduct interview
    • Occurrence Report with appropriate comments/recommendations with regards to the aircraft manufacturer standards
  • Tailored training solutions

    A comprehensive set of training solutions for your Safety training needs on Safety Management System (SMS), Flight Data Analysis (FDA) and Threats & Error Management based on a multi-manufacturer fleet:

    • Operator Safety Management System

    The course aims at providing operators with knowledge on Safety fundamentals and best practices to run an effective airline’s Safety Management System (SMS). The four SMS elements (Safety Policy and Objectives, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion) are reviewed through the airline’s organization.

    • Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Safety Analyst Course

    The trainee will get necessary knowledge to conduct an efficient FDA within a safety department. Theoretical module is complemented by practical workshop using ɅirFASE and training database. The purpose is to understand the techniques of investigation and how such techniques are efficient to lead an FDA process integrated within the Operator’s SMS. This course is designed for: Authorities, Auditors and Operational managers in order to cover dedicated theoretical modules (without practical training) in a one-day training.

    • Threats and Error Management

    The course is designed to provide the Pilots with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct flight observation following the principles of the Threat and Error Management (TEM). Such observation, also known as “Line Observation Monitoring”, is not a line check and should be de-correlated with TRI/TRE activities. The program is made of TEM theoretical modules with workshops, practical observations and debriefing. Then the team of pilots trained as “observer” can train other pilots as “observer” depending on the development needs of the “Line Observation Monitoring” activity within the Airline.


  1. Accurate detection and reporting of deviations

    Detect abnormal events and trends in your operations.

  2. Raise your Airline Safety Standards

    An easy and quick view on statistics to facilitate the Airlines decision-making process.

  3. A unique expertise

    Benefit from an exclusive engineering experience on Aircraft operations. Have access to a direct exchange with experts in your domain of activities.

facts & figures

60+ Customers

Data from more than 1400 aircraft analyzed

400+ flight operations trainings all around the world per year


Captain Adel Nawar
Flight Safety Officer , Air Arabia

I do appreciate the ɅirFASE current version and we are really depending on it in the safety department! I am looking forward to the next version.

Captain Namgyal Wangchuck
Flight Safety Officer, Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines

Using ɅirFASE has helped me to better understand the operations of the aircraft and further enhance my personal skills as a pilot. The software has made monitoring flight data and providing an overview of an airline’s operation so much easier and convenient!

Captain Papa Abdoulaye FALL
Flight Safety Officer, Air Senegal

We just started to benefit from the FDA Management Service by NAVBLUE. When we will feel enough trained we will be able to manage our safety analysis by ourselves. We are happy to get the support from NAVBLUE because they have the knowledge on how analyzing the flight data through ɅirFASE. I am perfectly coached and supported by the people from NAVBLUE.


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