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You can out-source to Navblue a part of, or all of your ops engineering activities related to EFB, Documentation, Performance, W&B engineering. For safety management activities, we can process & analyse flight data on your behalf through our Remote FDA service.

Included in this package

  • Safety Management – Flight Data Analysis (FDA)

    Flight Data Analysis (FDA)

    We propose a remote service to process & to analyse flight data on your behalf. This is available for ɅirFASE and non-ɅirFASE customers. Powered by ɅirFASE, the service brings from a basic to a full package offer, an easy, quick and accurate view of your safety occurrences and risk precursors to launch appropriate corrective actions.

    • Data collection, processing and filtering
    • Safety Notifications: weekly list of all occurrences on your fleet
    • Occurrence Reports: detailed analysis of most severe occurrences, including factual description, operational comments and guidelines for further investigation
    • Statistics reports: statistics on main events, predictive hazard identification and trend analysis

    NAVBLUE expertise


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  3. Optimize recurring tasks

    Save Time and Cost and reach level of expertise you need for your Operations

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Over 100 airlines have chosen to outsource to NAVBLUE.


Captain Papa Abdoulaye FALL
Flight Safety Officer, Air Senegal

We just started to benefit from the FDA Management Service by NAVBLUE. When we will feel enough trained we will be able to manage our safety analysis by ourselves. We are happy to get the support from NAVBLUE because they have the knowledge on how analyzing the flight data through ɅirFASE. I am perfectly coached and supported by the people from NAVBLUE.



Latest news about this product

Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Success - 01/07/2019

NAVBLUE signs contract and deploys a complete operations suite of solutions for Silver Airways

Toulouse, France, 1st July, 2019   Silver Airways becomes first US customer for N-RAIDO Contract ...

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