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ɅirFASE® is a measurement, analysis, and reporting software tool handling operational performance and risk assessment monitoring. ɅirFASE® helps the Airlines to reduce the risk of incidents/accidents. The translation from aircraft flight data to significant information enables the Airlines to detect deviations and trends that may emerge to launch preventive/corrective actions.

Jointly developed and supported by AIRBUS and Teledyne Controls, ɅirFASE® offers a proven Flight Data Analysis (FDA) solution that allows Airlines to maintain their flight operations monitoring programs and comply with ICAO, EASA, CAA and FAA requirements.

ɅirFASE® software comprises major functions of the FDA process including the Flight Analysis Program (FAP). The FAP is a list of deviations resulting from the FDA to identify occurrence of events that indicate exceedances that may have occurred during aircraft operations. A FAP is specific to an aircraft/engine/recording configuration and may also be uniquely tailored to the Airline’s requirements. 

ɅirFASE® key functions:

  • Flight Analysis and Reporting

This function allows the Airlines to identify areas of operational risks and precursors to unsafe Flight Operations (abnormal events and deviations). The events and risk precursors are color-coded based on their level of severity. The Flight Analysis function is also a powerful statistical tool enabling statistical analysis to create ready-to-use reports such as events report by flight phase, statistics report as well as trends report to continuously assess and monitor operational risks and track appropriate remedial actions.

  • Flight Profile and Animation

ɅirFASE® enables advanced 3D flight visualization. The vertical and horizontal profile displays give the user a clear presentation of the aircraft position. This function allows the Airlines to view the flight path trace, replay flights in real time, review events of interest in second-by-second sequence, access virtual flight deck instruments, flag deviations and exceedances, and examine the take-off and landing phases. This function ensures that all displays are scalable and synchronized.

  • Airport Visualization

ɅirFASE® provides the ability to display a set of flights in 2D and stack them over navigational charts for advanced investigative purposes.

  • List and Trace

ɅirFASE® functions to locate and examine flight measurements recorded on board the aircraft.

ɅirFASE® supports the following avionics functions:

  • RNP capability (Required Navigation Performance) for all your flights in one place
    • Specific to RNP level 1 events
    • 3D and 2D dedicated replay capability
    • RNP Procedure file management
    • Multiple flights comparison
  • ROPS+ (Runway Overrun Prevention System) dedicated monitoring in ɅirFASE®: 
    • AIRBUS strongly recommends ROPS+ in Flight Data Monitoring
    • ROPS+ can be monitored using either DFDR (i.e., QAR) or DAR
    • ROPS+ events can be available in the NAVBLUE FDA tool
    • NAVBLUE can support the Airlines to build ROPS+ events
    • NAVBLUE can support the Airlines to customize their DAR programming.

ɅirFASE® Installation & Training: 

FDA software implementation: 

  • Initialization of the project
  • Installation of ɅirFASE®
  • FAP development and validation


  • ɅirFASE® user training: Learn the different approaches to process data, access flights and their animation, generate statistical reports and administer ɅirFASE®. 

Customer Support: 

ɅirFASE® support includes NAVBLUE technical, operational and software installation support, and FAP support including FAP customisation. 

Aircraft applicability: 

AIRBUS and non-AIRBUS aircraft 


Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, and SQL 220RR, 2012, 2014


  1. Compliant with regulatory requirements and recommendations

    (Amendment 26 to ICAO Annex 6 Part 1, JAR-OPS1, FAA Flight Operations Quality Assurance Program 14 CFR Part 13, Civil Aviation Authority CAP 739)

  2. Enable better decision-making by your Airline Safety Department

  3. Reinforce your operating standard, and customize pilot training programs accordingly

  4. Ease and automate the creation of ready-to-print reports in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format

  5. Access to multiple users (specific user groups or access rights)

  6. Secure data access and storage

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40 Airlines trust ɅirFASE


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