Documentation suite

Bring more efficiency to your documentation management through harmonized processes.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE provides flexible solutions for your Flight Operations documentation requirements through best practices and dedicated experts. We focus on bringing efficiency by reducing your time consuming activities and costs due to the combination of tools and services to accelerate your digital transition.

Dedicated Airline’s Project Manager will review how you work today, understand your regulation requirements and challenges, then propose solutions.

  • Assessment of your current process
  • Management of all your Flight Ops Manuals (Company Manuals, FCOM, MEL, QRH/eQRH, CCOM, WBM, AFM…)
  • Specifically designed collaborative project management platform and library, with easy access to end users
  • Guaranteed long term compliance with Airbus data standards
  • Multiple output format available: PDF, Ops Library Browser, eQRH, FlySmart+ and others in EFB format
  • Fleet Management, Service Bulletin (SB) integration, XML expertise
  • Automatic detection and highlight of changes
  • Management of historical data
  • Harmonize your flight operations manuals across your AOCs

Compose your package

  • Your software solution: ɅDOC Web Flight Ops solution

    ɅDOC is the solution for producing documentation in pdf or a complete digital process (XML/OLB). The data can then be uploaded into the Electronic Flight Bag.

    The ɅDOC Web Flight Ops solution allows customization, revision and publication of all Flight Ops manuals as long as their source is XML compliant Airbus DTD (Document Type Definition).

  • Your outsourcing solution: Documentation Management services

    Documentation management for manufacturer and company manuals 

    The service consists in developing and managing the customized flight operations documentation (Aircraft and Airlines Manuals) in digital format. This is all-inclusive solution to begin digital operations sustained with EFB: XML Migration/Customization (One-time) & Revision Services. Engineering expertise can be supplied to customize FCOM and/or MEL, and to support you in front of the authority.

    Documentation management for simulator

    The service consists in delivering, updating and customizing the Flight Operations documentations compliance with your Simulator in digital format for training purpose.

  • Expertise
    • Assess your current processes
    • Be advised on the best way to manage your documentation
    • Get trained on XML principles
    • Benefit from easy and quick e-learning available anytime


  1. A unique expertise

    Recognized documentation expertise focused on the delivery of your manuals.

  2. Optimise your time

    Significant time savings due to the capabilities of our tools and services. Up to 100% of your documentation can be handled by us.

  3. Customized for your operations

    We collaborate with your teams to perfectly deliver what you need: process, budget, timeline, organization, support…

  4. One-stop-shop

    Gain more efficiency and reduce costs due to integrated design with NAVBLUE EFB solutions.

    Reduction of interfaces in your daily operations, providing centralized and coordinated support.

facts & figures

Over 50 customers representing the largest airlines in the world.

Over 15 innovative modules which are prepared to improve your daily operations.

Early Adopters co-creating on the future with NAVBLUE.

100% tailored to airline’ operations.

More than 250 FlySmart+ customers using our documentation viewer.


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News - 11/05/2021

NAVBLUE, Hawaiian Airlines partner on N-Tracking to complement existing Flight Planning with full Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) capabilities

News - 11/05/2021

NAVBLUE, Hawaiian Airlines partner on N-Tracking to complement existing Flight Planning with full Aircraft Situational Display (ASD) capabilities

NAVBLUE and Hawaiian Airlines are expanding their relationship with Hawaii’s largest and longest-serving carrier ...

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