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ASSESSby NAVBLUE provides ANSPs and Airports with an independent assessment of their current and future needs, as well as gap analysis, to aid customers with their strategic decision-making.

How does it work?

NAVBLUE subject matter experts (SMEs) collate information through data collection, stakeholder workshop and documentation review. They can then build an unbiased snapshot of the airport or airspace under review to allow customers to prioritise their investments and resources.

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  1. Access to the best

    NAVBLUE’s SMEs are world-recognised expert in their fields of: flight operations, procedure design, airspace design, ATM, aircraft performance.

  2. Proven Track Record

    NAVBLUE’s holistic approach to airspace assessment leverages it operational experience and facilitates creative problem-solving.

  3. KPIs ad FTS

    For certain projects, NAVBLUE can generate a list of KPIs against which future solutions can be measured. In addition, NAVBLUE has airspace simulation capability (FTS) which can be used to explore what-if scenarios or validate operational concepts.


Jorn Fugger
Senior Management Operations Efficiency, Ethiad Airways

In 2016, by flying the PBN approaches developed by NAVBLUE at Abu Dhabi airport, Ethiad has saved 328,000 kg of fuel.

Danilo Oralndic
CEO, Airports of Montenegro

NAVBLUE’s knowledge of aircraft performance and RNP AR procedure design means that we can now consider investing in updating Tivat Airport to allow night operations. This could have a direct impact on our ability to attract tourism and business travel to Tivat.

Henrik Ekstrand
Ecology & Performance Manager - Flight Captain A321, Novair

We received approval to fly RNP AR into Madeira and now all of our flights there are RNP AR, it is 100% every week basically. The procedures are well received from the pilots, no reported issues at all. I’ve flown to RWY23, it worked out very well.

Captain Chenga
Chief Pilot, Bhutan Airlines

Working with NAVBLUE was extremely productive. NAVBLUE’s consultancy service went beyond their contractual requirements, they took it to another level with their proactivity and professionalism to achieve the RNP AR approval, within an extremely short time frame.

Mr. Pham Viet Dung
Chairman, Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM)

We are pleased to have introduced a modernised airspace for Ho Chi Minh City working with NAVBLUE and we look forward to doing the same for Hanoi.


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NAVBLUE helps airlines on their path to sustainability and fuel efficiency

Innovation - News - 23/09/2020

NAVBLUE helps airlines on their path to sustainability and fuel efficiency

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