Get the most accurate and user-friendly airport data.

Airport+ provides world-wide operators and authorities with flexible solutions based on reliable airport data harnessing exclusive high-resolution satellite imagery

How does it work?

Usable on-board with the Airport Moving Map function running either on Airbus avionics systems or on any Electronic Flight Bag.

Included in this package

  • Airport Mapping Database

    Comprehensive layout of an airport including runways, taxiways, parking slots and buildings.

  • Runway Database

    Unique database focusing on the most critical part of an airport including all runway features and exit information.


  1. Pay only for what you need

    Customise your database based on airports/runways of interest for your operations.

  2. Enhance data accuracy

    The database is based on National Aeronautical Information Publications, complemented with data extracted from satellite imagery.

  3. Seamless integration within Airbus Avionics Systems (ANF/OANS)

    Our solutions are developed with the Airbus Design Office to resolve integration issues at the design stage, which cannot be said for third-party providers.

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FAA and EASA certification
24×7 support structure


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News - 15/06/2021

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News - 15/06/2021

NAVBLUE supports Qatar Airways to deploy PBN in Morocco

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