Monitor Safety related events, raising your Safety standards!

ɅirFASE is a Flight Data Analysis software, and a key element of the Safety Management System. It is an advanced monitoring software tool for analyzing flight operations and detecting deviations and trends.

Included in this package

  • Flight Analysis and Reporting

    A powerful statistical tool that allows operators to identify areas of operational risks and precursors to unsafe Flight Operations. Other possibilities include establishing trends for continuous assessment and monitoring risks as well as tracking the appropriate remedial actions.

  • Flight Animation

    ɅirFASE includes advanced flight visualization tools in order to allow easier understanding of events:

    Options include and not limited to viewing the flight path in its geographical context, replaying flights in real time, reviewing events of interest in a “second by second” sequence, flagging deviations and exceedances, examination of the flare and its components, visual on all views synchronously…

  • Airport Vizualization

    ɅirFASE provides the ability to display a set of flights in 2D and stack them over navigational charts for advanced investigative purposes.

  • List and Trace

    ɅirFASE has a host of tools for locating and examining flight measurements recorded onboard the aircraft.


  1. Accurate detection and reporting of deviations

    ɅirFASE detects abnormal events and trends in your operations (for an aircraft, for an airport, for a crew…)

  2. Compatible with Airbus and non-Airbus aircraft

  3. Raise your Airline Safety Standards

    An easy and quick view on statistics to facilitate the airlines decision-making process.


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Innovation - Success - 11/06/2019

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