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You can out-source to Navblue a part of, or all of your ops engineering activities related to EFB, Documentation, Performance, W&B engineering. For safety management activities, we can process & analyse flight data on your behalf through our Remote FDA service.

Included in this package

  • Documentation Management

    Documentation Management

    The service consists in developing and managing the customized flight operations documentation (Aircraft and Airlines Manuals) in digital format. This is all-inclusive solution to begin digital operations sustained with EFB: XML Migration/Customization (One-time) & Revision Services. Engineering expertise can be supplied to customize FCOM and/or MEL, and to support you in front of the authority.

    Documentation for simulator

    The service consists in delivering, updating and customizing the Flight Operations documentation in digital format for training purpose in simulator (a Virtual MSN is created, either a Standard FFS Configuration (G05) or a Tailored Configuration specified by the customer). The Flight Ops Package may be included in the airline DOC ID, or a specific  DOC ID may be created.

  • EFB Management

    EFB Hardware Qualification

    We can qualify your selected hardware (laptop/Tablet/iPad) for EFB against EASA & FAA regulations related to EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference), power source and depressurization.

    Remote EFB Management

    The service consists in ensuring remotely the data management and administration of your Electronic Flight Bag for efficient flight operations in the cockpit. The service is divided in two steps: Initial Setup (Administration settings, Initialization of Performance and Load sheet data, Initialization of the non-customized operational documentation) and Recurring phase (Update airport data, performance database and admin settings at every AIRAC cycle; Prepare & deliver the EFB loads of the operational documentation).

    Hosted Gateway (for Flysmart iPad customer)

    We can administrate and host the Operator Gateway software on our Navblue cloud server.

    On-site EIS assistance

    Navblue experts can assist you on-site to accelerate the ground tools deployment: FODM, PAAdmin, PEP, GAS, Gateway; and validate the end-to-end process implemented in the operator’s organisation.

    Optimized Electronic Flight Folder (EFF)

    The purpose of the service is to assist the Company in adapting process and organization in coordination with the data suppliers, to customize the EFF interface (Flight Plan, NOTAM, Weather, e-Forms) into the format required by the Pilots and to train the trainers on the use of the eFF.

  • EFB Ops Approval

    Ops Approval – Move to EFB, eQRH, EFF

    The service consists in supporting your airline in obtaining the operational approval from your authorities in order to take the full benefit of the FlySmart+ package.

    Steps by steps approach towards ops approval:

    • Diagnosis phase
    • Change management
    • Airline readiness validation
    • Assist the Airline to build-up the approval dossier
    • Participate on-site to the final review meeting with the Operator and the authorities
  • Performance and W&B Engineering

    Aircraft Performance and Weight & Balance Engineering

    You can use Navblue experts to support your regulatory needs (Performance, Noise, Fuel studies) and to optimize your Operations (Engine-Out SID, Takeoff charts, Route studies, Noise optimization, Missed Approach obstacle clearance,…):

    • Takeoff/Landing chart: Airport Data and “paper” Takeoff /Landing
    • Engine-out SID: Conventional, RNP Engine-Out SID study, MTOW optimization
    • SID with Engine Failure at Diversion Point: Obstacle clearance check with engine failure at diversion point
    • SIDs All Engines Climb Gradient: All Engines Climb Gradient check at Departure
    • Missed Approach: Obstacle clearance in Missed Approach with engine failure
    • Noise& Fuel studies: Noise & Fuel optimization for airport with Noise constraints and sensible areas



    We also offer Weight & Balance services:

    • Paper Load&Trim sheet (standard or customized)
    • Flysmart Load&Trim files for W&B application


    Performance monitoring

    The service consists in supporting Aircraft Performance Monitoring on behalf of operators to calculate and to define the performance factors of your aircraft on a recurrent basis. Performance factors are correctly interpreted for flight planning purposes and on-board (Flight Management System (FMS)) calculations. The end-result is improved consistency between Planned and Actual fuel burns; hence improved Pilot confidence in Fuel Planning and fuel to be carried for the mission.

  • PBN Ops Approval

    PBN Operational Approvals allows airlines to obtain the operational approvals to prepare crew and aircraft needed to fully exploit the benefits of PBN, especially RNP AR operations.

    How does it work?

    Ʌ-Services PBN Operational Approvals provides airlines with the support they need to ensure aircraft and crew are prepared for PBN and that the necessary approvals have been obtained from the authorities. For RNP AR APCH approvals NAVBLUE can also provide support for the Flight Operational Safety Assessment (FOSA).



    • Train your crew and dispatchers: Train the key people in your organisation using e-Learning, classroom courses and Full Flight Simulators
    • Obtain approvals without friction: NAVBLUE’s proven methodology allows you to put together a comprehensive ops approval package for your authority tailored to your planned operations.
    • Leverage your investment: Get the best out of your aircraft by accessing cutting edge PBN and RNP AR capabilities
  • Navigation Database Validation

    Navigation Database Validation is a service allowing operators to validate their navigation databases to meet ICAO PBN guidance to support RNP AR APCH and PBN operations in IMC.

    How does it work?

    NAVBLUE works with the operator to create a Golden Database against which future databases can be referenced. Ʌ-Services: Navigation Database Validation analyses databases after each AIRAC cycle then delivers a report to the airline detailing discrepancies between the two: missing data, added data, changed data.



    • Short turnaround: Once the new database is received the validation report is issued within 5 working days
    • Access RNP AR: Using this service is a pre-requisite to RNP AR. Ʌ-Services: Navigation Database Validation is cost-effective, simple to set up and allows management by exception
  • Safety Management – Flight Data Analysis (FDA)

    Flight Data Analysis (FDA)

    We propose a remote service to process & to analyse flight data on your behalf. This is available for ɅirFASE and non-ɅirFASE customers. Powered by ɅirFASE, the service brings from a basic to a full package offer, an easy, quick and accurate view of your safety occurrences and risk precursors to launch appropriate corrective actions.

    • Data collection, processing and filtering
    • Safety Notifications: weekly list of all occurrences on your fleet
    • Occurrence Reports: detailed analysis of most severe occurrences, including factual description, operational comments and guidelines for further investigation
    • Statistics reports: statistics on main events, predictive hazard identification and trend analysis

    NAVBLUE expertise


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Over 50 airlines supported for operational approval, including the first RNP AR approval in Europe.


Captain Wang Huagang
VP Ops, Tibet Airlines

Linzhi is a very important tourist destination for us. Thanks to the RNP AR project with NAVBLUE, we have been able to operate scheduled flights in Lunzhi and operatred 9300 flights since July 2011.



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