Assess the actual performance, maturity and sustainability of your Operations

The NAVBLUE Flight Operations Assessment Program brings an innovative data-driven way to conduct Airline assessments. This program is based on performance observations (flight preparation, flight execution and post-flight analysis), workshops and benchmarking. We deliver a set of pragmatic recommendations and share industry best practices by leveraging the whole NAVBLUE Experts community and trusted Consultants.

Included in this package

  • Airspace and Airport Operations Review

    NAVBLUE leverages aircraft capabilities through the design of innovative airspace and ground optimization consultancy. Whether tackling a difficult-to-access runway end in a terrain-rich environment or increasing capacity to meet growing demand in a busy terminal area, NAVBLUE Airspace solutions combine consultancy with the latest in airspace design techniques to release the potential of both the aircraft and airport, in partnership with all stakeholders.

    NAVBLUE can also assess the traffic of an airline in general or within a dedicated Airspace.

  • Airline Project Review

    This Consulting supports the overall Airline project (business model, route/airport network, fleet optimization, organization structure, manpower planning, and facilities). All activities dedicated to Flight Operations will be assessed in terms of means / resources / skills identification, way of working and “make or buy” strategy.

    • Ensure project efficiency and minimize risks
    • Share industry best practices & benchmark
    • Get a factual picture of the situation
    • Identify business improvement and risks mitigation opportunities.
  • Entry Into Service assistance

    NAVBLUE will assist the Airline in its AOC process and EIS preparation to be ready and efficient in its operations from day 1. Assistance is performed through:

    • Access to experts in all the Flight Operations, Training and Safety activities (TRI/TRE, Airbus experts, international regulatory influencers, previous airline managers)
    • Transfer of know-how and best practices on aircraft and tools
    • Assistance to change management (for e.g., change to digital operations)
    • Assistance is a combination of project management (roadmap definition), remote assistance (documentation preparation, setup of recommendations) and on-site visits of dedicated experts (transfer of knowledge).
  • Flight Operations System readiness

    Set-up of the operations:

    • Advisory assistance: resources, tools, training
    • On-site shadowing: Flight Operations management, Flight Training, Cabin Crew and Operations Control Center (OCC).

    EIS readiness:


    • Manpower planning for recruitment processes of flight deck crew, cabin crew, Flight Operations engineers, and SMS/FDA key personnel
    • Assistance with the Training plan and policy and training planning to ensure knowledge & skills
    • Assistance on AOC extension (Ops Spec update, integration of new aircraft type in the Operations Manuals OM-A-B-C-D)
    • Assistance on Risk Management
    • Assistance on management of change due to the EIS
    • “Make or buy” policy
    • Coordination for wet lease operations
    • Set-up of integrated OCC for control and supervision of the operations
  • Flight Operations and Training Efficiency Assessment

    This assessment program is proposed for all Airline types and fleets to deliver a global Airline’s flight operations performance grading on the five main areas (flight preparation, training, Airline’s standards, safety & quality, and flight production); the actual Airlines’ exposures and weaknesses are identified for enhanced safety and efficiency management of operations; this includes a set of pragmatic recommendations & workshops (actual performance – data-driven) and a benchmarking with worldwide Airlines (best practices-driven).

  • Safety Management System (SMS)

    NAVBLUE can assist the implementation of SMS standards and/or support your organization to enhance your existing SMS. This consulting can focus on any specific SMS elements (safety risk management, safety assurance, …).

  • Fuel and Flight Efficiency

    The Fuel and Flight Efficiency consulting helps you in implementing a fuel and flight efficiency strategy within the airline by optimizing activities related to flight preparation and flight operations.
    Three steps: raw data analysis / customized initiatives / implementation plan.


  1. Access unique Experts Team

    Experienced Flight Operations Engineers, Flight Data Analysts, current licensed Pilots and training examiners.

  2. Benchmark your Operations

    Pragmatic recommendations & workshops (actual performance – raw data-driven) and independent views on your operations (adherence to best practices).

  3. Score all Flight Operations activities

    Compliance is only a minimum standard. Go beyond and strengthen your operations via a unique philosophy of assessment based on results & performance and not only on documents & processes reviews.


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News - 14/01/2022

Spring Airlines Japan goes live with NAVBLUE’s N-Flight Planning and N-Ops & Crew Lite

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