Efficient flight operations rely on good data. NAVBLUE proposes FMS navigation databases and Airport mapping databases for most of your avionics needs.


From en-route maps, Terminal Charts to performance applications along with electronic document viewer and eQRH, NAVBLUE can provide a full set of Electronic Flight Bag applications.


NAVBLUE’s suite of avionics products are designed to increase crew situational awareness at landing and improve runway condition awareness to further enhance safety at landing. Find out more about these on-board technologies.

  • Find here the recordings of our MASTER CLASSES FOR PILOTS:

    The following Master Classes are available here

    • Master Class for Pilots #1 – RNP & xLS CONCEPT
    • Master Class for Pilots #2 – Take off surveillance 2
    • Master Class for Pilots #3 – Runway Safety
    • Master Class for Pilots #5 – RNP AR Ops Approval
    • Master Class for Pilots #6 – RunwaySense
    • Master Class for Pilots #7 – Preventing Unstable Approaches