#Company 03/07/2018

Fabrice Hamel succeeds Mike Hulley as CEO of NAVBLUE following his June retirement

Mike Hulley CEO of NAVBLUE, provider of innovative Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions for the aerospace industry, retires end of June, and has been working with his successor Fabrice Hamel since March to ensure a smooth transition.

“I am pleased to have played a part in the creation of NAVBLUE” said Mike Hulley, a fully owned company of Airbus “and I am delighted to hand over to my successor who I have every confidence with his industry knowledge and strong customer experience that he will take NAVBLUE to the next level of their journey”.

An aerospace engineer by profession, Fabrice Hamel has 28 years in the aerospace industry, and has interacted with customers from all around the world in every continent. He started as an avionics engineer contributing to the design and the pioneering fly by wire airbus cockpits. He has extensive experience of working with airlines Flight Operations and engineering along with suppliers, leasing companies and government bodies. Following 15 years in Airbus customer services and support, his former role was Head of Training Services for the Airbus Organisation.


“My immediate priorities are to focus on customer satisfaction”, Fabrice Hamel says “and to work on strengthening NAVBLUE’s capability to deliver on its commitments and to further develop and enhance innovative products and services that bring added value to our customers.”, he concludes.


“NAVBLUE is a key contributor to Airbus services and digital strategy, and I am delighted to have Fabrice Hamel as CEO, to take us a step further with innovative products and services in the Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management markets” says Didier Evrard EVP, Airbus Head of Programmes and Chairman of Board of NAVBLUE.


NAVBLUE is an integrated Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management Services company providing end-to-end, innovative and integrated flight operations solutions for a wide-range of customers around the world.


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